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Author Interview: Michael Parker

I have written for a good many years, and during that time I have been married to Pat (55 years now), have four sons, ten grandchildren and two, great grandsons. I worked in a number of jobs in a number of different places, but my primary trade was in maintenance. I spent sixteen years in the Royal Air Force, seventeen years in a food factory. I worked in Saudi Arabia and spent time in the Merchant Navy as a teenager. I am a born again Christian and committed my life to God in 1999, and have never regretted it.

  • : I was born with a pen in my hand.
  • : It was about a submarine that came out of a cave and attacked ships. I was about ten years old at the time.
  • : Unusually for a thriller writer, it is a romance with a hard-edged back story. A family saga runs parallel to the romance where Max Reilly, a best-selling author falls in love with Emma who is getting divorced from her violent husband. Max tried to keep his unsavoury past from Emma, but finds the past too difficult to conceal: one that contains violence, betrayal and murder.
  • : When I was in my early twenties. It was type writer and carbons in those days.
  • : I was born and brought up in London, but I don't believe it has had any influence on my writing.
  • : Usually during the afternoon.
  • : A thriller set in Mexico.
  • : I'm retired now, and have been for nineteen years (I retired when I was 55). Most of that time we lived in Spain lapping up the sun, sea and Sangria!
  • : Scatterbrained really. I plan and plot in my head. I use the Web for my research, and rely in instinct and gut feeling to come up with a story.
  • : As a child I read most of the children's classics. One of my favourite books then was Scrooge, by Charles Dickens. The first author to "knock my socks off" was Mickey Spillane. I devoured Denis Wheatley, but my favourite author would probably be Hammond Innes. So I really have no 'favourite' books.
  • : Office Boy, Merchant Seaman, Plasterer's labourer, Electrician, Cinema projectionist.
  • : None in particular although I have three tablets and a laptop. Probably the Kindle Paperwhite.
  • : One of my sons has designed all the jackets of those books I have self published. Otherwise it has never been a problem for me because all my books have been traditionally published.
  • : Just let it flow, although I have a vague idea in my head.
  • : I call writing my "Sweet curse". The sweetness is in creating the written story. The curse is spending hours of research and writing.
  • : My website:
  • : As a stand-alone writer, I find it hard to attract readers who might be otherwise drawn to 'series' books. I hope that people who enjoy my style would tell others because it is only by word of mouth that I will make progress. I don't write to educate people or to enlighten them about something: I simply write to entertain and hope that this comes across in my books.
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