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Author Interview: Marc Nash

Marc Nash has published 4 novels and 5 collections of flash fiction. All his work looks to push at the boundaries of language and narrative form. He also collaborates with video makers to make digital versions of some of his stories as kinetic typography videos.

  • : Just observing people and the world around me and wondering about the connections between things below the surface and how language is at the heart of it all. I started off writing stage plays to explore this, but moved on to prose which I felt allowed me a wider palette with which to explore these themes
  • : Yes, it was more of a poem about nuclear destruction, with 10 lines in the first stanza, nine in the second, counting down to armageddon!
  • : My fifth collection of flash fiction (stories of 1000 words or less) has seen me be the most daring with form yet. Stories as shapes, stories that are geometric, stories with mathematical equations in, stories with emotions picked out primarily through punctuation, stories with strange perspectives and a story about what if English had the rules of german syntax...
  • : In my teenage years, imagining that I'd be in a band and that I would be writing song lyrics. Sadly my tone deafness and inability to keep a beat put paid to that dream
  • : I grew up in London and the love-hate relationship I have had with my country over the last 40 years as it loses its tolerance towards others has influenced my work profoundly. But it is my love for the English language, both its strengths and its shortcomings that I am forever exploring in my work in the ongoing attempt to seek communicable truths
  • : Evenings. Bit too old now to work through the night as I used to when I was still single and with responsibilities to others
  • : really excited to be collaborating with a video maker on my second kinetic typography video of one of my stories. This one is about playing back a break-up conversation in your mind over and over, trying to see if there's any chance to get back together. It's about memory and the distortions of emotion.
  • : Pretty normal things, family, friends, music. But I'm always thinking about writing and can drop almost anything to write something down
  • : Well I normally write a flash story every week, prompted by anything in the world around me from news story, image in a film, word or phrase in a book, something I see while commuting. For the longer works, it usually starts with the coming together of a central theme or image with the voice of the main character. Then I let that stew away in my subconscious for about 6 months before sitting down to write the first draft which is by then ready to emerge pretty quickly. Then comes the hard work of editing.
  • : Ben Marcus - "Flame Alphabet" - extraordinary book about how language can be physically harmful to us and the relationship of parents and children. Murakami - "Hard Boiled Wonderland And the End Of The World" - wonderful twin narratives that somehow the author makes work towards one another even though they seem wholly unrelated. Franz Kafka - "The Castle" - how Kafka takes you gently by the hand on a rollercoaster of emotions, sometimes to utter despair and then next moment to burgeoning hope before dashing it again. Masterful. "The Book Of Strange New Things" - Michel Faber, simple and yet sumptuous read about faith and marriage when the two partners are physically separated by light years.
  • : I worked in an independent record store for 19 years, indulging my other great love of music. For the last 6 years I have worked for an NGO in the Freedom of Expression realm.
  • : I don't, I cling to books! I do have a Kindle app on my laptop for those books in e-version only
  • : I always collaborate with a designer. I let them read the book, see what jumps out at them. I like embedding the title and my author name as part of the design rather than just having it stamped across the cover. The cover is as much part of the complete artwork as the words of the book itself
  • : I let it flow, but I have been letting it simmer for 6 months prior! But no, I don't make a plan or outline. I trust that the words will always lead the way and overcome any blocks
  • : Working with language, solving the artistic (narrative), intellectual and linguistic challenges of each project. I particularly love subverting the conventional 'beginning, middle, end' form of a story. In "Time After Time" a scifi novel, the structure is that of Schrodinger's Cat and The Butterfly Effect. In "Not In My Name" the second section is a series of online forum posts so that the narrative is subverted by the most recent post being first and the original post being last as you read. But it works, meaning is full;y preserved.
  • : My Blog is My youTube page with 30 lit-based videos is and I'm very active on Twitter as @21stCscribe
  • : Just a big thank you for your support and if you keep craving a different type of read, I'll keep trying to provide fresh and innovative ways of telling stories. Look out for my upcoming new kinetic typography video in the new year
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