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Author Interview: Lynn Murphy

Lynn Murphy is a certified teacher with endorsements in Art and English. She is a two time recipient of The Margot Stern Strom Teaching Award from Facing History and Ourselves and a semi-finalist for The Irena Sendler Award. She is married and the mother of two boys and lives in Peachtree City, GA. She is the author of a number of novels including Terezin Twilight, Dream A Little Dream, Unsinkable, Only For You and A Little Night Music and The Louvre Trilogy.

  • : I have always wanted to write. Career wise I never wanted to do anything else. I cannot remember not writing.
  • : No, but I remember trying my hand at a first novel from Guinevere's point of view in high school- I didn't finish it. My first novel, I'll Be Seeing You, began as an assignment in a college class.
  • : It's the third installment in my Louvre Trilogy and it's called Rescuing Rembrandt. It continues the story in Hiding Mona Lisa and Finding Fritz Gerhard.
  • : I started writing my first novel when I pregnant with my first child and couldn't sleep at night. But as I said a few questions back, I have always written.
  • : I grew up in Columbus, GA and it really isn't very inspiring. There's nothing wrong with it, it just didn't offer me much, besides a decent library, in the way of writing inspiration.
  • : Any time. Usually morning or night. My husband travels so I get a lot of words written when he is out of town.
  • : The only thing that ever remains constant is the blue butterfly. Every time the current reality goes swirling out of sync and I am transported to another time and another place, the butterfly is there. It flutters into my circumstances, a warning that everything is about to change, a reminder that time never stands still.... When their parents, a historian and a physicist experimenting with time travel, vanish, fourteen year old Mollie Donavon and her older brother Jack must accept that their parents are gone or try to find them. Using their parents' research and the one object that seems to be the key-a blue morpho butterfly- they set off on a journey traveling through decades, sometimes alone, sometimes together, to try and find them. If they change some lives and a little bit of history along the way, so much the better.... Sign up for email information about the progress of this new YA novel at [email protected] and put BlueButterfly in the subject line.
  • : I read, run, do art work and photography and ride my bike. I enjoy spending time with my family too.
  • : I mostly write and let the characters direct the plot. I get a lot of good ideas during my morning run.
  • : The Once and Future King- I love King Arthur tales but think its the best. A Seperate Peace, I find it moving and thought provoking. The Book Thief- the concept of death as narrator was genuis!
  • : I was an advertising copywriter, and a textile designer before becoming a teacher. I am certified in Art and English.
  • : I have a kindle app on my computer.
  • : I do them myself. I always have a cover before I start writing. I find an image tha says something about the book and add filters or overlays and text in pixlar or photoshop.
  • : I let it flow.
  • : Telling the story that is in my head.
  • :
  • : I really appreciate their support- and please feel free to write (positive) reviews!
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