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Author Interview: Luana Ehrlich

Luana is a freelance writer, minister’s wife, and former missionary with a passion for spy thrillers and mystery novels. She began writing the Titus Ray novels when her husband retired from the pastorate. Now she writes from an undisclosed location, trying to avoid the torture of mundane housework and golf stories. However, she occasionally comes out of hiding to play with her two grandsons or to enjoy a Starbucks caramel macchiato. She resides in Norman, Oklahoma.

  • : I was inspired to write my first book when I heard about the persecution of Christians in Iran about five years ago. Because I've always been an avid reader of mysteries and thrillers, I knew my first book would be in this genre, and that's when I asked the questions that became the plotline of One Night in Tehran. I wondered what would happen if a veteran CIA intelligence operative in Tehran encountered a group of Iranian Christians and became a believer? How would his conversion affect his career? How would a man trained to lie and deceive others be able to follow the teachings of Christ in the real world?
  • : I'm working on Book 3 of the Titus Ray Thriller series. This novel is entitled Three Weeks in Washington, and, in this action/adventure, Titus will team up with someone from his most recent operation, plus deal with an operative from his past, as he races to deal with a threat to the nation's capital. Three Weeks in Washington will be published in 2016.
  • : My favorite classic is A Tale of Two Cities by Charles Dickens, but my favorite spy novelist is Daniel Silva. I’ve read his entire Gabriel Allon series. However, the most influential book on my life has been the Bible. I’ve read it through every year for the past forty years.
  • : I read on an Kindle app on my iPad. This is my third iPad, and, while I use it for other activities, it is my favorite device for reading books.
  • : The cover of a book is so important, so I leave that up to the professionals. I have an idea of what I want, andI do a lot of tweaking when a design is presented to me, but, in the end, I let the graphic designers do what they do best. I stick to writing.
  • : I'm a hybrid when it comes to writing a book. I'm not just a pantser or a plotter, but a combination of the two. I make a very skeletal outline and then I let it flow from that. The characters seem to take over within a few chapters.
  • : My books are available on Amazon in both print and for an Kindle device. I also write a newsletter with insider information about the series. You can sign up here: and on my personal website: I also have a dedicated website for Titus Ray Thrillers. Learn more about Titus here:
  • : If there's an underlying message in the book it's that God is always at work in the lives of unbelievers to bring them to faith in Christ. Titus is a career intelligence officer, dedicated to carrying out deceptive, treacherous, sometimes violent, operations against both individuals and governments. He was raised in a dysfunctional family with no spiritual upbringing. Yet, while hiding out from Iran's secret police, he was confronted with the truth of the gospel. The message of One Night in Tehran is that a conversion experience often happens to the most improbable people in the most unlikely of circumstances.
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