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Author Interview: Lory La Selva Paduano

From a severe troubled teen, this author has gone the distance to change her past life experiences to a life she always dreamed of, through strong perseverance and sheer passion within.

Twenty four years ago, Lory started writing her first novel and only brought it to fruition only two years ago adding two more books to complete the series and writing/adding other books to her collection.

  • : My surroundings of a dysfunctional family. I wrote and drew art, to escape hardships. I've also had a fascination with words since I can remember and of course of story telling.
  • : Yes! It was horrible! And it is now improved and added to my Wonderland Series book ( a three-in-one ), which still holds its respective title 'A quest for the four keys in Wonderland' I was only 14, when I began writing that specific book.
  • : I couldn't hold back. The Legacy of a Legend book is my fifth book, and I fell in love with the image instantly and I knew I had to write about my ancient ancestors..."The Romans" but it's not just any Historical Fiction book, it's much more than that. Find out what sets it's apart from most other books in its category! Get yourself a copy today!
  • : As I mentioned before, I was but a teenager. I started writing to escape the trials and tribulations in my life and that included Musical lyrics, poems and short novellas, all these materials and works were lost throughout the years because of moving often, from one apartment to another.
  • : I grew up in Italy! I was born and partially raised in Canada till the age of five. Moving to Italy then after, which only lasted three years. They were the three best years of my life! My mom's home town castle, inspired me to write about the medieval century and from there it grew to something larger than I imagined.
  • : Any time the creative juices start to flow. I can write in the middle of the night on most occasions and still get up at six a.m. to get my children ready for school.
  • : A mystery duo series of books called, Mancini & Maddox under my pen name. Liliana L.S.
  • : Staring into thin air! Literally! I'm picturing all the scenes in my book and that's how I see them. Vividly and into thin air.
  • : It's us ally a six month period of time.
  • : The white Queen Philippa Gregory, George R.R. Martin, for the meet fact that it's what I always loved before anything else I've ever read or wrote.
  • : I have a day job so that I stay occupied when there's no writing to be had. I listen in on Quality Control calls for different companies, I rate them, and I make sure their personal information is not compromised.
  • : It would probably be my tablet. But, I still love a soft cover book in my hands.
  • : I'm fascinated by 3D images and staring at it for hours, usually puts me right at that place in that moment in time, creating a story mostly with what's in front of me.
  • : The plot and characters are always detailed for me. Letting it flow, comes when I have nothing to add from walking up to manuscripts already written in my head! True story! It happens from time to time, where I will let the natural flow take over.
  • : Entertaining the world! I want someone to pick up my books, read them and take a piece of that story with them. I like to inspire readers also through dimeurgic story telling so there's more books for them to look foward to.
  • : You can see work on my Web site @ [email protected]. or on Facebook @ I'm also listed on amazon and will be on book shelves in We are also adding the books back to where they once were, such as Kobo, Barnes n Noble etc.
  • : I think telling them I love them is an understatement! And they know that! Thank you so much for giving my work a chance. I have yet to hear anything bad about my writing and not just because they've grown to love me, they've been honest and sincere with me from the get go, and my fan base has grown expedentially everyday and they are spreading the word and the love! I always reward my fans with something extra special and it isn't always free books and this seems to resonate well with most. You guys rock my world!
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