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Author Interview: Leonard Anderson Jr

Leonard Anderson Jr is a native Philadelphian. His love for writing began after penning his first song as a member of the Acapella group, The Thorough Tones entitled ‘We’re Making Love. Leonard writes in multiple genres which include Fiction, Children’s Books, Poetry and Romance/Suspense. Leonard has multiple websites; and

  • : I started out writing songs as a member of the Acapella Group, "The Thorough Tones. The guys thought the lyrics were a bit wordy so I went into poetry then eventually into books.
  • : The first story I ever wrote was in 6th grade about a crooked retailer called I.M. Cheapskate. It was a homework assignment.
  • : My latest novel is called "Love Won't Let Me Wait". It's a story about a woman desiring the love once bestowed upon her by her boyfriend. He starts neglecting her then mysteriously disappears. While on her quest to find him, she fights succumbing to her nemesis at work.
  • : I first started writing lyrics around 1982.
  • : I grew up in Philadelphia so that's where all my stories take place or start. I love using the landmarks and restaurants in the City of Brotherly Love.
  • : I can write morning, noon and night.
  • : I'm currently trying to develop some movie or TV projects.
  • : When I'm not writing I'm usually thinking about writing or my next project. I also spend time with the family or watching comedies.
  • : I don't have a process. I write when it hits me and roll with it. I also keep a audio recording flash drive to keep notes when I can't write.
  • : I'm currently a manager at the University of Pennsylvania Health Systems
  • : I use the Kindle App on my Ipad.
  • : The cover design comes to my while writing the story. They'll be a line or phrase that'll jump out and I'll go from there with my graphic artist the one and only Gregory Graphics.
  • : It depends on the project. I usually can outline the children's books but most of the novels take on a life of their own.
  • : The greatest joy of writing for me is creating and developing the characters.
  • : You can find out more about my works at and
  • : Please enjoy my works and please comment.
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