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Author Interview: Kristian Alva

Kristian Alva was born into a family of writers and teachers. She worked as a staff writer and a ghostwriter before publishing her own manuscripts. She currently lives in the United States with her family. When she’s not writing, she enjoys reading all genres, especially epic fantasy.

  • : I've always loved reading and writing, especially fantasy. I've always wanted to create my own fantasy world. I love all the traditional fantasy elements—dragons, elves, spellcasters, evil emperors, etc. I wanted to create a reality where all those elements existed. I knew that fans would love this traditional fantasy, because that’s what I loved to read when I was younger. I wanted to create something that was easy for teens to read, but still enjoyable as light reading for adults.
  • : Yes, it was a roughly drawn comic book with female superheroes. I was quite proud of it. I was obsessed with Golden Age comic books when I was younger, so a lot of my early writing reflected that. Even into my twenties, I was still carrying around huge boxes of comic books to every new apartment. I think I finally got rid of them just before my wedding.
  • : My latest book is a re-release of a popular trilogy, the Dragon Stone Trilogy. It's a three-book collection of my first releases.
  • : When I was very young--I still have short stories that I wrote when I was a teenager, decades ago. As you can imagine, they're pretty bad. Teen angst is a terrible motivator.
  • : The next release is The Shadow Grid Returns, and it's due out by the end of 2015.
  • : With my kids! I started late, so I still have one in diapers. My days are pretty busy.
  • : A Kindle. I have three. I prefer the older style for most of my reading (the first kindles didn't have any kind of backlighting), because it's easier on my eyes. When I read at night, I use a newer model with some backlighting. I also have a color Kindle (the Kindle Fire) but I don't use that one very often. It was an impulse purchase.
  • : Defiant Press has an excellent cover designer and graphic artist for the covers. I'm not involved in that aspect of it, but I love the design.
  • : I have an official website, as well as a Facebook page. You can sign up for emailed alerts on my website, and I will send you an email when new books are released.
  • : That they are always free to contact me and say hello! I love hearing from my fans.
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