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Author Interview: Kimberly DuBoise

I like to read and write inspirational things. I enjoy cooking, traveling, photography and books.
I have written and self-published several books so far, and I have just begun!
I live in the Midwest with my husband, cat and dog.

  • : What motivated me to become an author was a desire to share and encourage others through beautiful words like I have been.
  • : Yes, I still have it! It is a mystery called The Hidden Castle and is influenced by my early love of mystery/suspense books like Nancy Drew and Hardy Boys.
  • : My latest book is an expose/brief memoir about my life with Turner Syndrome. It is personal and yet I hope it serves as inspiration to many.
  • : I started writing at age eight or nine.
  • : I usually write in the morning.
  • : I am working on a poetry book.
  • : In the past I have taught preschool in a public school system.
  • : For me the greatest joy is expressing a deeply felt emotion, finding the right words.
  • : You can find my books at
  • : I am a person who loves the spiritual side of life and poetry. I write to inspire and encourage. I believe in the power of words!
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