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Author Interview: Kevin Cooper

Kevin Cooper was born in Hull, East Yorkshire, England in 1963

He moved to the USA in 1985 when he was 21 years old. He graduated with a BA in Psychology from Asbury College in Kentucky with recognition on the Dean’s List. He continued his studies at the Grand Canyon University in Arizona, where he obtained a Research Fellowship and graduated with a M.Ed with a strong focus on writing and grammar.

While in America, Kevin has been a College Lecturer of General Studies, a Manager for The Hertz Corporation, who acknowledged him with awards of recognition for his service and dedication to the company, a Substitute Teacher, and a Private Tutor.

Kevin now resides in England and is an established Author of several works, and the Founder of, Kev’s Great Indie Authors… a website he set up to help promote fellow authors worldwide through interviews, book blurbs, reviews and social media.

  • : Being an avid reader since childhood, I've had a lot of influence from great authors throughout the years who having shared their worlds of life and imagination with me have also inspired me to share my own.
  • : Vaguely. I wrote about my holiday in Flamborough. It was an English class project after returning to school from the summer holidays.
  • : My latest work, Miedo "Afraid" is actually my two previous books brought together to create on volume: Miedo: Living Beyond Childhood Fear, and Miedo 2: A Reckoning With Fear. Miedo is a British drama about a young boy growing up in Hull whose life changes from one of a life filled with bliss to one filled with abuse, neglect, and fear. The story continues in the second book of Miedo which tell so his journey into young adulthood.
  • : I began writing songs as a teenager which expressed the mix of emotions I was dealing with. In college, I wrote some poetry and articles which were published... and became lost in the humdrum of life. After that, I had several writing projects that never got finished. It wasn't until my mid-forties that I began to write more seriously and became published.
  • : I grew up in Hull, England and Miedo is set in Hull England telling the story of my experiences there.
  • : Most of my writing is done in the early hours, when I can't sleep.
  • : I have a couple of projects going. One is a memoir of my life in America, and the other is a collection of short stories.
  • : Blogging and engaging with other writers mainly. Marketing my books, Reading, Days out whenever I get the chance, watching DVD's, Theatre, Cinema, Eating out. I'm also a musician and spend time on my music projects which are usually songs I've written.
  • : I simply write as my muse speaks... no planning, no outlining, just free writing... the rest comes later. However due to my background in English and Grammar, my head constantly stops me to correct errors as I write. In between scribbles, I go over paragraphs and edit. When I don't have anything in my head to write, I sometimes go over what I've done and do some reconstructing which often gives the muse a jump start.
  • : Oh, there are so many! The main ones are The Lord of the Rings, The Chronicles of Narnia, His Dark Materials trilogy, The Hunger Games... I could go on and on. I love new worlds and creatures, and fantasy helps me to escape the mundane realities of the real world. Beside that, the works I love are bred of pure genius.
  • : I've been a college tutor, a professor's assistant, private tutor, teacher, lecturer, and manager. I've held several other minor posts, but the one's listed above were the posts I spent most of my years working in, and the ones that I'm proud of doing.
  • : Kindle fire, although I also use Calibre, but mainly for review requests of books authors send to me in mobi, epub or pdf formats.
  • : I've done most of my own book covers. I purchased a couple of pictures to use as well, but I'm looking into different artists/illustrators to see if they can provide what I need at a reasonable price.
  • : I let it flow... Outlines distract me. They're good for research projects that have clear objectives, but I would never recommend their use for creative works.
  • : Seeing my characters come alive within the story and getting completely lost in the tale.
  • : I have pages dedicated to each work on my blog: I also have a site dedicated to my works: And, my author page on Amazon:
  • : Thank you to all who have read any of my books. It's truly appreciated and without you, my readers, my works would not be as successful as they are today.

12 thoughts on “Author Interview: Kevin Cooper

  1. Hi Kev, I really enjoyed reading your interview and learning more about your writing process! Good luck with your new book projects!

    1. Thank you, Linda. I appreciate you dropping by and taking the time to read and comment. You will have to let me know how your own projects are coming along and if there is anything I can do to help you promote them on my blog. 🙂

  2. Thank you Kev, now I know you better. Thank you.
    I haven’t started reading your book, but will be soon. had to finish another first. Can’t wait to read it.
    All the best for you and have a great day

    1. Thank you, Gigi for both visiting and your wonderful comment. I really hope you will enjoy reading the book. I’m sure you will be able to relate to Miedo in some way, knowing the little bit I do about your own books. 🙂

  3. So interesting to learn more about you, Kev 🙂

    1. Hi Margaret, thanks so much for visiting! 🙂

  4. Kev, it’s great to see you interviewed and learn more about you and your background. Your writing process sounds much like mine, right down to going back and editing as you write. As you said, it’s also a great jump start for the muse when stalled on moving ahead. Congrats on all of your many projects!

    1. Thanks Mae, it’s nice to hear that others do things in a similar fashion. Much appreciate your visiting me here. 🙂 You must let me know if you decide to do anything on this site so I can repay the favour! 😀

  5. An impressive interview which reveals how well-qualified you are to interview, write and review. I see I share your literary tastes, as well as peak working times and methods.

    1. Thanks Col… very much appreciated. Well, they say great minds think alike! 😀

  6. I enjoyed learning more about you and your history, Kev!

    1. Thanks Joy, thanks for visiting… much appreciated! 🙂

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