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Author Interview: Elise Darchis

Born and raised in France, developed a passion for music, languages, metaphysics and horses early in her life, and travelled through Europe to develop the skills associated with her passions in her own way. Returned 11years later by force of events, with the intention of escaping again abroad as soon as possible, was unfortunately pinned down geographically and professionally due to a motorbike accident. Currently transmuting this state of affairs into an inner journey through metaphysics and the rescuing of stray animals. May not have much use for her five fluent languages and 7 musical instruments any longer, the physical limitations only allow for a hermit’s life, however they also afford ample time for writing. Recently started studying Mandarin for the mental trip it affords.

  • : I have been writing as a hobby since I was a child, I had access to great literature from an early stage of my life, which sparked a passion for well-written stories. I won a small writing contest at 15 with a story I came up with in a day, this motivated me to write down my experience. As a coincidence, my own life turned out to develop in an epic manner, which provided for endless inspiration. I have lost most of my early work which was never published, during my hapazard journeys described in my book "Vibes", and I thought I should publish some of my memories last year.
  • : Yes, the first story I ever wrote from start to finish was when I was 11, I had recently discovered Agatha Christie as an author, and so filled two handbooks with a detective story that was set in a fictional place in England and turned out to involve family members in a tragic turn of events (I used to read a lot of Greek tragedies and due to my young age was only capable of replicating the patterns while ignoring the symbolism involved), I gave it to my French teacher, for feedback, then lost the handbooks. That story spanned 160 pages and took me a fortnight to write, I did not need much sleep at the time.
  • : The story behind "Vibes"is my own; as it is highly unusual, I thought I would share it for everyone who did not have the same opportunities and freedom of movement as I did between 2000 and 2011. It explores subjects that are paramount to me while accounting for most of my adventures abroad. I can guarantee with outmost confidence that it is not in the least boring.
  • : Around the age of 10. I thought, if Sir Conan Doyle can do it, so can I. Then I was taken over by other passions, at the time it was hacking in the forest with horses, and until I was asked to take part in the "Fureur d'Ecrire" contest in 1996, I could not find the time for it.
  • : I grew up in forest houses, very isolated from society, though I did attend school at the nearest town, about 20kms away. I had more contact with animals than humans, my knowledge of humans was mostly based on the available literature in house, which spanned classical texts such as DostoĂŻevski, Shakespeare, and Molière, Jules Vernes, Victor Hugo, Baudelaire etc, and a lot of detective stories by Maurice Leblanc, Sir Conan Doyle,Agatha Christie. I remain eternally grateful to all these authors for the beautiful journeys taken through their books.
  • : Inspiration has no timetable. It wakes one up at night or early in the morning, strikes one while going to the shop, but once I start writing on a subject I cannot do much else until the work is done, and so I can spend a whole month writing all day and night, and then will do other things until the next idea comes up.
  • : I am gathering memories from an acquaintance in the Belgian army, who has some very shocking information to disclose anonymously, and am compiling an interview for him right now. I think that it is time to shed some precious light in the surrounding darkness. our world is dark and does not have to remain that way.
  • : Recording music, meditating, reading Tarot Cards for people, healing people and animals with magnetism (which has been exhausting but amazing lately), since my accident I cannot move very much and have to develop a new skillset. I am having a website built for my Tarot readings, since I have very good feedback, I want to help people. Which is a huge paradoxe: I enjoy helping my clients however I prefer the company of nature and animals to that of humans. I am still working on understanding myself.
  • : Usually an idea takes over my mind. As soon as I sit down to write, I just can't stop except for looking after my animals, getting some necessary food and sleep. You do not want to be around me during those times.
  • : Umberto Ecco's Name of the Rose, it is so immersive you can practically feel the chill of the abbey, and the metaphysical dilemnas raised in this book are immense. Terry Pratchett's work, because it is so well written that it will make you burst with laughter even if you're having a bad day, and there is a philosophical aspect to the Discworld that I really love. Anything by Pouchkine, especially the Queen of Spades, for its ambiance, and anything metaphysical in nature will get me going, provided it's not New Age. I will stop there otherwise this is going to take me a week. And I love them all in equal measure.
  • : I am disabled now, my ankle was shattered in the motorbike accident in 2011, my back now has two hernias in it and I have suffered from this in a psychological manner, since I cannot travel freely as I used to. However, as stated above, I do very efficient tarot readings, and can help people with healing magnetism. I now have 7 animals to look after, one of them is a rescue mare which I had to educate myself , obviously it takes whatever physical ability I have left and she is my reason for living. Perfect time to start writing and publishing. I am one of those hyperactive people who always has to have new projects. I am currently on a course for a year, it's about thaumaturgy, which in my situation has become essential.
  • : My computer, and only in the absence of any other choices. I actually don't like reading on screens, somehow one forges a unique bond with a printed book which fails to be replicated by a screen. But I was raised with paper books, therefore I freely admit that I am biased on the issue.
  • : My friend Bethsheba Ashe, who is also an author, did the initial cover for Vibes, then JeRm LaHaine offered me to do a design for it and he just captured the whole book in one image! for my essay on the French workplace (which I wrote last year and has become extremely relevant following the El Khomri law) I just used the Kindle cover tool, I don't care much about that, I'd rather focus on content quality
  • : Let it Flow, it does so very quickly and I would not have the opportunity to stop and say "hang on, we need a geometrical structure" or anything like this. I am an improvisation person, especially in music, and have always worked that way, even during my education.
  • : Writing is a joy just as playing music or painting, etc. If I did not, I would be miserable and doing it brings me great joy. I have written some epic emails during my career, I use every opportunity to write as beautifully as I can. I just love it.
  • : Just read them. The content is what matters and what I want to share. This is what I expect from the books I read, and this is what I try to deliver through mine. Enjoy! Vibes has a facebook page made by my friend Bethsheba Ashe, who is also an author.
  • : Have a good read! Have a passionate life and enjoy the ride!
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