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Author Interview: Donna M. Zadunajsky

Donna M. Zadunajsky was born and raised in Bristolville, Ohio, and resides in Homer Glen, Illinois. She has written seven children’s books that are about her daughter and all the adventures she has done in her young life. They are currently on Barnes and Noble and Amazon, available in eBook and paperback.
She spends her time writing short stories as well as novels. She published her first novel ‘Broken Promises’, in June 2012, her second novel ‘Not Forgotten’, May 2013, and her latest novel ‘Family Secrets’, Secrets and Second Chances Book 1, in December 2014.
Besides writing, she enjoys spending time with her daughter and husband, their dog and two cats. She enjoys reading and working on crafts and scrapbooking. She graduated from The Institute of Children’s Literature in spring 2011.

  • : Writing a book is something I've wanted to do since I was a teenager. Life had been busy, and raising a kid as a single parent took up all my time. I remarried and have finally been able to write my first novel, that was seven children books and four novels ago.
  • : "The Old Trunk", which is a young adult book about an old trunk in an attic of a haunted house.
  • : My latest book is about Hidden Secrets left behind for a mourning wife to find. Secrets start to unravel as she finds out the truth she never knew about her dead husband.
  • : Eight years ago.
  • : I grew up in Bristolville, Ohio. Back in the eighties, in this small town there wasn't much to do. So, I spent my time thinking about stories and reading Stephen King books.
  • : Morning 9-12pm
  • : Finishing up book 2 of my series, Secrets and Second Chances, and working on Book 3 along with a Novella about Bullying.
  • : I'm either outside in my flower garden or reading. I'm always reading.
  • : I write down characters and the plot that has inspired these characters. Then I get on the computer and let the words pour out of me. I let the characters take over the story.
  • : Misery, Pet Cemetery, All Kristen Hannah books, Nicholas Sparks books. I have so many books that I love, there wouldn't be enough space to write them in.
  • : When I lived in Florida, I cleaned homes. Before that in Ohio, I worked at Kraftmaid Cabinetry.
  • : iPad. I have a Nook app, and Kindle app.
  • : I think of something that will catch the readers eye and pull them in.
  • : I let it flow.
  • : I love coming up with stories o tell people.
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