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Author Interview: Donald Swan

Hi, I’m science fiction author Donald Swan.

I spent my life cruising around the galaxy fighting against vastly superior alien forces that were hell-bent on destroying Earth. In my mind anyway. 😉

  • : My wife has been an author her entire life. She is my inspiration, mentor, and thankfully editor as well. 😉 Her works are under E.J. Deen, Cassandra Ormand and C.D. Blizzard.
  • : Ha, yes! It was a story about an alien monster. One I wrote when I was in 4th or 5th grade, I believe.
  • : Which one? I am currently working on about 4. I am writing the 4th book on The Hyperscape Project.
  • : The Space Coast of Florida. I've been in the vehicle assembly building at Kennedy Space Center and have seen quite a few launches. Living there made me interested in space!
  • : Whenever my brain kicks in (which isn't often enough) and I am not busy with life. It would be nice to finally become a full-time writer.
  • : A little of both. I try to make an outline and timeline, then the rest just happens.
  • : I love creating things, so writing allows me to be creative. Of course, it is always great when a reader gives you a great review. After all, without the readers we are just doing it for our own satisfaction. It's much more satisfying to know other people enjoy your stories.
  • : My Website:
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