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Author Interview: David K Scholes

I have written over 140 speculative fiction short stories many of which appear in my six published collections of speculative fiction short stories. I have also published two science fiction novellas (all on Amazon).

I have been a regular contributor to the Antipodean SF and Beam Me Up Pod cast sci-fi sites and more recently Farther Stars Than These site. I have also been published on 365 Tomorrows, Bewildering Stories and the former Golden Visions magazine.

I am about to publish another book “Human Hunter and Other Science Fiction Stories.”

  • : I have always loved science fiction and science fantasy and as a kid read every comic I could ever get hold of. It's been great to actually write something myself and actually return something to the genre. Especially after I retired from my work as an economic consultant.
  • : It was "The Visit" published in an early edition of the Antipodean SF sci-fi site. It was recently republished in their #200 Anniversary issue.
  • : I'm just about to publish a collection of science fiction and science fantasy short stories entitled "Human Hunter and Other Science Fiction Stories." The lead story "Human Hunter" is based on a story arc of mine pod cast in 2014/15 on Paul Cole's Beam Me Up Pod Cast site. In it an earth organisation desperate to obtain an alien artefact illegally employs Xelk human hunters on Earth. With disastrous consequences.
  • : I started writing science fiction, science fantasy, and some alternate history about 7 years ago.
  • : I grew up in Southampton, England but my family migrated to Australia when I was 14. There is a residual loyalty to the UK which comes out in my writing but also an Australian flavour is evident in my writing.
  • : No particular time. Just when the juices are flowing.
  • : I plan a near future dystopian science fiction novella. Short, action packed and fast moving. With at least some of the action taking place in Australia.
  • : Well I'm retired now so I spend a lot of time with my wife and two grand children. I enjoy gardening, long walks and movies, Usually I end up seeing most science fiction movies soon after they come out. I am very interested in current affairs and these days have time to keep up to date in this area.
  • : Ahh! - Now that would be telling. I can say I do get a lot of ideas when on my long walks and always jot them down. I like writing a lot of short stories and many of these do get published on various sci-fi sites. Then I draw them together into a collection.
  • : Science Fiction books by past masters such as Isaac Asimov, Arthur C Clarke, Robert Heinlein and A E Van Vogt.
  • : I am retired now but was formerly an economic, financial, and actuarial consultant to various Australian Government Departments.
  • : The Kindle but I don't do so much reading these days, preferring to write.
  • : I spend hours on image libraries such as Fotolia, Getty, 123RF and others looking for the main image I want. I'll then consult with cover design consultants for Lulu and/or Amazon CreateSpace and get their help in designing the cover.
  • : An outline but not that detailed. Just very broad. I like to be flexible. To let things flow. I do seem to be able to come back and tie things in together.
  • : I think when compliments come from the most unexpected source. With a story I published on Fiction Press some years ago - a young boy from Ireland wrote saying how much he liked the story and finished with "Me Maam said to say thanks." It was worth more than any 5 star review.
  • : On my Amazon Author Page: Also my face book page:
  • : I'm going to be writing science fiction and science fantasy for a long time yet. Maybe keep an eye out for my stuff.

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  1. Wow, 140 stories. That’s impressive. And Sci-Fi at that, I’ll have to check them out. Best wishes to you!

  2. Thank you!

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