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Author Interview: Darlene Kuncytes

Meet Darlene Kuncytes! She’s from Ohio – born and raised. She went to North High School and Lakeland Community College. In her spare time she fosters puppy mill survivors and has a wicked sense of humor. She is known for her gigglesnort at any given moment and loves to sing in her car at the top of her lungs and isn’t afraid to car dance at stop lights. She loves meeting new people and she cries at the stupidest things. She is also very protective of the people she loves and trusts. She grew up in a small, but very close family and credits her parents for her love of reading and wild imagination.

She currently has three books out in her Supernatural Desires Series – Book 1… “A Vampire’s Saving Embrace” – Book 2 “A Wolf’s Savage Embrace” and Book 3 – “Marcus’ Mortal Embrace”.
She also just released a Contemporary/Suspense Romance that is not part of the series called I’ll Be Seeing You! It is a sexy as hell thriller!

  • : Wow! That's a tough one!! I really believe that I came out of the womb writing and telling stories!! LOL I have loved reading since I can remember and have always had such a love for words and storytelling.
  • : Yes! It was in the ninth grade and we had to write a short story for English class. I did a horror story and actually got a D because the teacher insisted that it was too well written for me to have written it!! LOL He accused me of having my parents help! Well, my mom went to see him and lets just say my grade was changed. lol
  • : It is a Suspense/romance that will keep you on the edge of your seat. I love romance, but I also love that suspense...that can't wait to turn the next page kind of feeling. It's the story of a woman who has been stalked for the past ten years of her life. She moves around, trying to run from this nightmare...but he always finds her. She stumbles into the police station of the town she is currently living in and meets Detective Cole McKenzie...and let's just say the sparks fly!
  • : I have always written. One of my very favorite memories is my mom and I "making" books on rainy days. I would write the stories and we would draw pictures and she would make them into books. In hindsight, I really wish I would have saved some of those. They would have meant the world to me now, don't think that way when your a kid.
  • : In Ohio, and it didn't! LOL!! I love travelling and have been lucky enough to have taken some great trips, those places stick with me and I draw from that at times, but I keep my stories very geographically neutral. I want the reader to envision their own places.
  • : Early morning or late at night.
  • : I have a paranormal series out that people are hammering me for book, I will be working on Harper's Heavenly Embrace. Book 4 in The Supernatural Desire Series.
  • : I foster and rescue puppy-mill survivors, so I work with trying to make these poor babies comfortable and for them to realize that not ALL humans hurt. I also love to swim and I am a clean freak. Yes! I will admit it!
  • : It has to flow from me organically. I just won't force it. I want my characters to speak to me as much as they do to the readers.
  • : Intensity by Dean Koontz! That book grabs you from page 2 and just DOES NOT let go! That is one of those rare books that I found myself yelling out loud at! LOL The Shining by Stephen King. I just love the whole story of that book. It's one of those stories that you can read over and over and STILL find something different in it! It's funny that this girl who LOVES horror became a romance author...huh?
  • : I am an executive assistant at a commercial property management company and worked in the mortgage industry for a lot of years prior to this.
  • : Oh!! My Kindle all the way. I LOVE paperbacks, but if they are signed I won't touch them! I'll read on them on my e-reader.
  • : I have been lucky enough to find the most amazing cover artists. These two women know exactly what I want when I tell them how I envision my covers. I have been truly blessed in that aspect!
  • : I let it flow baby!! LOL It has to or else you can feel that it's been forced.
  • : OMG! Meeting fans! Having someone contact me to tell me how much they love my books! I had one woman who sent me a message saying that my series kept her sane when she was going through a very difficult time. That because of them she got through something that was debilitating! Now...THAT is the most amazing feeling in the world.
  • : They are on Amazon, Barnes&Noble. Plus! Would love for you all to follow me on Twitter @VampireEmbrace or on Facebook! Darlene Kuncytes Author page and I also have A Vampire's Saving Embrace fan page! We have a blast there!!! Here are all of my Links! Amazon Author Page -" rel="nofollow">; FaceBook author page -" rel="nofollow">; Google -" rel="nofollow">; Pinterest -" rel="nofollow">; Goodreads -" rel="nofollow">; TSU -" rel="nofollow">;
  • : Yes. Thank you! Thank you for loving what I do and for wanting more. Thank you for letting me know that these characters that I love so much have touched you! And thank you for allowing me to live my dream! Because of you all, I am doing what I have always wanted to do. My biggest dream has come true. Growing up I didn't want to be a princess...I wanted to be an author! So thank you!

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  1. Just wanted to say thank you for taking the time to find out a little more about me!! I hope you feel as if you know me a little better!!!!

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