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Author Interview: Charles W. Jones

Charles W. Jones grew up in a town of 500 people–Shoshoni, WY. It’s the Center of the Universe, or so he thought growing up since it is in the exact center of the state. There were quite a few “characters” in his hometown, and it was one of those places that everyone knows your business. The thing that stuck with him the most was, how dark it was at night. Charles was a jumpy kid at night. Anything that moved in the dark, any sound made his heart pound in his chest. Thunder had the same effect. His first book, The Second Plain, was extremely influenced by his hometown. Most of it is actually set there. Darkness is a deep influence for him and has Shoshoni to thank for it.

  • : I want to share my take on the world, and writing gives me that opportunity. I can show you what I saw, and how I saw it, whether it be a innocent encounter between two people in love to the way the small hairs on my arm reacted when I walked into a particular room. I find myself hysterical, and try to convey that into my stories. I add puns and strange jokes whenever I can, so that there is balance.
  • : I do. It was something that I wanted to happen, and eventually did. I think I was in the second grade, and I wrote a short story about receiving a letter from my grandmother telling me she was coming to see me. The story was full of excitement and how the letter made my day even brighter than it had been. I wish I still had that story.
  • : Hydrangeas on the Lanai is s about a woman who has suffered tragically by losing her parents, then her husband. I wanted to create something that was similar to the classic Gothic Suspense novels my mom read when I was a kid. I even kept true to the style with the cover.
  • : I've always been writing stories, but never published until five years ago. It's like anything, the first time is scary, putting yourself out there for scrutiny. I still get a flutter in my stomach , just before hitting the submit button.
  • : I grew up in a town of approximately 500 people, Shoshoni, WY. It's right in the center of the State. Small towns are like people say they are, everyone knows your business. There isn't a traffic light, but there isn't much traffic to warrant one. The nights are dark, very dark. There are street lights but they don't do much to cut the shadows lurking every where. My stories have darkness lurking, waiting to come in at the most unexpected moments.
  • : I prefer in the evening, after the house has settle and things are quiet. The words explode from me at that time. But I am good to write at anytime. Working full-time puts a damper on it during the week, so I do what I can during my lunch break.
  • : I'm currently working on two books; the third in the Circus Tarot Trilogy, and...well it's a working title, Home. Home is about going home and restoration. My hometown has made it to Ghost Town status (I'm not sure how that works), and I want it to be seen the way I remember it, full of life and strangeness. Circus Tarot 3 is going to be a surprise, but I will say that it will answer a lot of questions. The biggest misconception with reading Circus Tarot or Page of Buckets is that you have to know the Tarot to understand what is going on, this is untrue. The characters are the cards, and if my job as an author is successful, you will know the Tarot. (I think it's all worked out quite well.)
  • : Watching way too much TV, and reading (not at the same time). I like going on hikes, and have that available to me at anytime it strikes since I live in Colorado.
  • : It depends on what I'm writing. My first book, The Second Plain, was just sitting down and going. The characters knew what they wanted to do before I did. Then there's Hunger, Circus Tarot, and the current work in progress, Home, that has a bit of research, which I thoroughly enjoy. Once I have a strong sense of what I want to accomplish, I just go for it.
  • : I love anything by Clive Barker. He writes with an eloquence that pulls me into his stories. My favorite of his is Weaveworld, such an amazing place with amazing people.
  • : I am currently a User Acceptance Tester for a TV provider (no comment on which one). I am also a licensed Cosmetologist, which I walked away from 16 years ago and some days regret that I did. I still do hair on the side for a select set of friends and family. Maybe, one day I'll get completely tired of the day the corporate world and go back to my roots (hair joke).
  • : I use my Surface 3 for reading using Kindle and Nook apps. I also use it for writing, so it covers all bases for me.
  • : The cover needs to be as appealing as what's inside, so I spend days trying different things. Getting opinions from people, then going back to the drawing board.
  • : Hunger was the product of an outline, I had to try it once. I prefer letting it flow, because with the outline, I kept worrying about hitting each point in it. I always have an idea of where I plan to go, which doesn't always happen as things change during the process that the original intended end point. I like to tell people that I let the characters decide what happens next.
  • : Finishing a story, and having it published. Seeing the 'Print Proof' is pretty great too.
  • : My blog or your favorite online bookseller.
  • : I'm grateful to anyone that has read my books, whether they liked them or not. If you consider yourself a fan, I'm speechless but thankful.
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