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Author Interview: Clabe Polk

Clabe Polk has written two novels, several short stories, assorted screen plays and has a couple of novels in process. Retiring after more than thirty-seven years of professional environmental protection, including criminal law enforcement and criminal law enforcement training, Mr. Polk has taken his professional experience, scientific background, and a lifetime of practical skills and combined them into action stories about real people told in a tongue-in-cheek style all his own.
He currently lives in Powder Springs, Georgia with his wife, two daughters and the family’s cockerpoo named ‘Annie’.

  • : I've always loved to read. I've always wanted to write books that I would want to read. I believe strongly that writers must be readers first before they can be writers. A lifetime grab-bag of experience is a rich source for story ideas.
  • : No, I don't. I know it was back in high school or early college and all of that writing has been lost now. My current writing actually began as an attempt at screenwriting a couple of years ago. Our family has a rather unique story and I wrote a draft feature length screen play for the first part of our story, with the intention of writing a second script to go with it. I also wrote some short screenplays just for practice. Then, I put them on the shelf for a while and started writing short stories and novelettes. Now, I've moved on to novels.
  • : My latest book is "Collegial Conspiracy" and it will be released August 1st. It is about two older friends, Harry and Wiley. Harry is happily retired, owns a sailboat and has a successful thirty-five year marriage. Wiley is happily married but has a terminal illness and leaves his wife so she won’t have to watch as his illness claims him. Wiley enlists Harry to help him rob a bank because Wiley has a plan to finance his healthcare, and because he has an unsatisfied obsession with gangsters-especially Bonnie and Clyde. Harry wants to help Wiley, but must risk his marriage, his freedom and perhaps even his life.
  • : Actually, I started writing in college. I wrote short stories and poetry but none of that was ever submitted for publication. During my career, I wrote literally thousands of all kind of documents, including two books, a textbook and a field handbook and many training courses. The most interesting thing I ever wrote then was the text to a educational comic book. It was fun to invent comic characters for a good cause. However, even though I have been a life-long reader, I didn't start writing fiction in earnest until about three years ago...long after I'd retired from a regular career and my daughters were well into college.
  • : I grew up on a citrus and cattle farm in central Florida near Tampa. I grew up hunting and fishing in the Florida woods and waters, and fishing and sailing along the Florida West Coast. I loved boats, the lakes and rivers and the open waters of the Gulf of Mexico. I guess that’s why I got a degree in Marine Biology and Natural Sciences and spent nearly thirty-seven years in professional environmental protection where I was involved in every program from hazardous waste management to chemical emergency response and both civil and criminal law enforcement. During that time I wrote thousands of documents, including an environmental law enforcement textbook, a field handbook for law enforcement officers and the text of an educational comic book about environmental crime prevention and more than fifty online training courses. After retiring, I supported my two daughters through USTA Junior Tennis and through varsity college tennis. I began to do what I’d wanted to do; write fiction. I have written several screen plays, two novellas, two novels and numerous short stories and flash fiction stories. My books are three non-serial series (the stories do not depend on the previous book): The Detective Mike Eiser Series, The Adventures of Harry Morgan Series, and the Mark of the Beast Series.
  • : Anytime I can get into the proper mindset. However, I spend much more time with promotion, website maintenance and reading and reviewing for other authors than I do writing my own books. Through the my own CPMA Book Review Blog and through another blog that I review for, I’ve read and reviewed nearly one-hundred books for other authors in the fourteen months I’ve been doing it.
  • : My Mark of the Beast Series was originally planned to eventually become an anthology of short stories chronicling the Bishop family’s experiences surviving the tribulation in the end time described in The Book of Revelation. However, I’ve now decided to make it a novel instead and it has become my current project.
  • : Most of my time gets spent writing, reviewing, promoting, reading, working around the house, spending time with my family and going to college tennis matches.
  • : I have an idea. I visualize how that idea might play out in real life trying to be as realistic as possible. None of my characters are super-heroes; and none have extraordinary help from sources like James Bond's famous friend 'Q'. So, I try to make my scenarios believable. I visualize those scenarios play by play and type them down as they occur in my mind, editing and spell-checking as I go. Finally, I give the text a final spell checking, then a careful line by line edit refining sentence structure, spacing, correct punctuation, and incorrect words, etc. Then I send the manuscript to a great editor I know. She makes sure everything works together as it should.
  • : Seriously? They’re too numerous to count. My favorite authors range in breadth from Edgar Allen Poe to Mark Twain, to John LeCarre, to Robert Ludlum to David Balducci and John Grisham, and more recently to George Wier, Scott William Carter, Michael Grumley and Lee Child and many other mystery and action writers. From there to science fiction with classics by Andre Norton, Issac Asimov, Robert Heinlein, and Robert Silverburg and more recently, any number of modern science fiction writers. I read a lot, and I look for quality story lines and crave action in books.
  • : I own two well worn Kindles, an old Kindle keypad model and a Kindle Fire 8.9. My wife has an iPad that I use occasionally.
  • : For the novels I use well-known commercial book designers. I have found a talented one that I like and who is easy to work with. I identify the themes that I think the cover art should communicate and sometimes, I’ll search for stock art consistent with that theme and suggest it for the artist’s consideration. For the short stories, I try to think of a theme that dramatically summarizes the story or some part of the story while establishing a mood or an emotion. When I have an idea in mind, I begin to look for art that can fulfill that idea. Then, I go to work to bring it alive as a cover.
  • : I just write. I have the story visualized in my mind, so I focus on getting to, and through, the key points logically as I write. I’ve tried both typing and voice-recognition software, but I find, maybe because of habit and experience, that stories flow much more logically for me when typed, than when spoken.
  • : I've seen and done a lot of different things in my life. Authors need life experiences in order to have enough depth to write convincingly and to have the imagination to go into different directions than many others could go. Besides actual life experience, I love to read and I have used my imagination in every way I could conceive. To me, nothing in the world happens unless it is someone's thought first. Thought gives rise to action which gives rise to creation. Writing is sharing creative visualization in a form where it can be imagined by others as well. Writing expresses the joy of creative visualization.
  • : My website, My blog, The CPMA Book Review Blog at My Facebook site at My Tumblr site at And please follow me on Twitter, @ClabePolk
  • : Yes, I love and appreciate all my fans! I hope my books bring you a lot of entertainment and happiness. You’re the greatest fans on earth, so prove it and review every book you read no matter what the book is or who the author is…please never read a book without posting a review! Thank you for that!
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Author Interview: Elise Darchis

Born and raised in France, developed a passion for music, languages, metaphysics and horses early in her life, and travelled through Europe to develop the skills associated with her passions in her own way. Returned 11years later by force of events, with the intention of escaping again abroad as soon as possible, was unfortunately pinned down geographically and professionally due to a motorbike accident. Currently transmuting this state of affairs into an inner journey through metaphysics and the rescuing of stray animals. May not have much use for her five fluent languages and 7 musical instruments any longer, the physical limitations only allow for a hermit’s life, however they also afford ample time for writing. Recently started studying Mandarin for the mental trip it affords.

  • : I have been writing as a hobby since I was a child, I had access to great literature from an early stage of my life, which sparked a passion for well-written stories. I won a small writing contest at 15 with a story I came up with in a day, this motivated me to write down my experience. As a coincidence, my own life turned out to develop in an epic manner, which provided for endless inspiration. I have lost most of my early work which was never published, during my hapazard journeys described in my book "Vibes", and I thought I should publish some of my memories last year.
  • : Yes, the first story I ever wrote from start to finish was when I was 11, I had recently discovered Agatha Christie as an author, and so filled two handbooks with a detective story that was set in a fictional place in England and turned out to involve family members in a tragic turn of events (I used to read a lot of Greek tragedies and due to my young age was only capable of replicating the patterns while ignoring the symbolism involved), I gave it to my French teacher, for feedback, then lost the handbooks. That story spanned 160 pages and took me a fortnight to write, I did not need much sleep at the time.
  • : The story behind "Vibes"is my own; as it is highly unusual, I thought I would share it for everyone who did not have the same opportunities and freedom of movement as I did between 2000 and 2011. It explores subjects that are paramount to me while accounting for most of my adventures abroad. I can guarantee with outmost confidence that it is not in the least boring.
  • : Around the age of 10. I thought, if Sir Conan Doyle can do it, so can I. Then I was taken over by other passions, at the time it was hacking in the forest with horses, and until I was asked to take part in the "Fureur d'Ecrire" contest in 1996, I could not find the time for it.
  • : I grew up in forest houses, very isolated from society, though I did attend school at the nearest town, about 20kms away. I had more contact with animals than humans, my knowledge of humans was mostly based on the available literature in house, which spanned classical texts such as Dostoïevski, Shakespeare, and Molière, Jules Vernes, Victor Hugo, Baudelaire etc, and a lot of detective stories by Maurice Leblanc, Sir Conan Doyle,Agatha Christie. I remain eternally grateful to all these authors for the beautiful journeys taken through their books.
  • : Inspiration has no timetable. It wakes one up at night or early in the morning, strikes one while going to the shop, but once I start writing on a subject I cannot do much else until the work is done, and so I can spend a whole month writing all day and night, and then will do other things until the next idea comes up.
  • : I am gathering memories from an acquaintance in the Belgian army, who has some very shocking information to disclose anonymously, and am compiling an interview for him right now. I think that it is time to shed some precious light in the surrounding darkness. our world is dark and does not have to remain that way.
  • : Recording music, meditating, reading Tarot Cards for people, healing people and animals with magnetism (which has been exhausting but amazing lately), since my accident I cannot move very much and have to develop a new skillset. I am having a website built for my Tarot readings, since I have very good feedback, I want to help people. Which is a huge paradoxe: I enjoy helping my clients however I prefer the company of nature and animals to that of humans. I am still working on understanding myself.
  • : Usually an idea takes over my mind. As soon as I sit down to write, I just can't stop except for looking after my animals, getting some necessary food and sleep. You do not want to be around me during those times.
  • : Umberto Ecco's Name of the Rose, it is so immersive you can practically feel the chill of the abbey, and the metaphysical dilemnas raised in this book are immense. Terry Pratchett's work, because it is so well written that it will make you burst with laughter even if you're having a bad day, and there is a philosophical aspect to the Discworld that I really love. Anything by Pouchkine, especially the Queen of Spades, for its ambiance, and anything metaphysical in nature will get me going, provided it's not New Age. I will stop there otherwise this is going to take me a week. And I love them all in equal measure.
  • : I am disabled now, my ankle was shattered in the motorbike accident in 2011, my back now has two hernias in it and I have suffered from this in a psychological manner, since I cannot travel freely as I used to. However, as stated above, I do very efficient tarot readings, and can help people with healing magnetism. I now have 7 animals to look after, one of them is a rescue mare which I had to educate myself , obviously it takes whatever physical ability I have left and she is my reason for living. Perfect time to start writing and publishing. I am one of those hyperactive people who always has to have new projects. I am currently on a course for a year, it's about thaumaturgy, which in my situation has become essential.
  • : My computer, and only in the absence of any other choices. I actually don't like reading on screens, somehow one forges a unique bond with a printed book which fails to be replicated by a screen. But I was raised with paper books, therefore I freely admit that I am biased on the issue.
  • : My friend Bethsheba Ashe, who is also an author, did the initial cover for Vibes, then JeRm LaHaine offered me to do a design for it and he just captured the whole book in one image! for my essay on the French workplace (which I wrote last year and has become extremely relevant following the El Khomri law) I just used the Kindle cover tool, I don't care much about that, I'd rather focus on content quality
  • : Let it Flow, it does so very quickly and I would not have the opportunity to stop and say "hang on, we need a geometrical structure" or anything like this. I am an improvisation person, especially in music, and have always worked that way, even during my education.
  • : Writing is a joy just as playing music or painting, etc. If I did not, I would be miserable and doing it brings me great joy. I have written some epic emails during my career, I use every opportunity to write as beautifully as I can. I just love it.
  • : Just read them. The content is what matters and what I want to share. This is what I expect from the books I read, and this is what I try to deliver through mine. Enjoy! Vibes has a facebook page made by my friend Bethsheba Ashe, who is also an author.
  • : Have a good read! Have a passionate life and enjoy the ride!
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Author Interview: A. J. Gallant

The author has two cats that force him to get up at five every morning, seven days a week to write.

  • : I read Harlan Ellison when I was about eighteen and I thought I want to write.
  • : No, but I remember my first book. Madman in the Mirror.
  • : The idea originated from the title I Was Murdered Last Night. The story is about Anita who gets murdered in New York but discovers that it is in fact not the end of the road. But she somewhere in the middle, not in heaven, and she's not sure what to do. She discovers that she's someone connected to detective Olivia Brown. Is she supposed to help her solve her own murder? It's not that simple.
  • : I started writing when I was about eighteen and have loved it ever since.
  • : I have a panic disorder and was not exactly a normal child because of my shyness. Spent many hours alone in my own little world.
  • : My cats get me up and five in the morning and I don't complain. More ideas flow after a night's sleep.
  • : I am already working on it, Breaden the Barbarian, book #2. King of the Castle. I sometimes work on three books simultaneously though one gets most of the work.
  • : Watching Game of thrones or playing games on my $65 tablet.
  • : I just get an idea for a book and go for it. I don't plan my chapters and try to write what I would like to read. I love when I can make myself laugh, like with the neurotic dragon that has no fire in King of the Castle.
  • : I was a machine operator for years until I started passing out at work.
  • : A Kindle.
  • : I can't afford to pay much so I try my best to be creative.
  • : I just let it flow from the title. With my first novel I had a serial killer that was abused by his father and I went from there.
  • : Creating new worlds and having characters surprise me!
  • : On my author site. Where you can also see pictures of my cats and sign up for updates.
  • : Yes, please buy a book my cats need food. Ha, ha.
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Author Interview: Jeffery Craig

Jeffery lives in the southeastern United States with his husband and partner and a menagerie of much-loved pets. He co-owns a local art gallery/gift store that provides an outlet for area artists to showcase and sell their work. When not wring, he can often be found working on a painting or sitting on the covered porch of his historic southern home with a good book in hand. His currently working on the Reightman & Bailey series.

  • : I have also been an observer of the world and have always enjoyed a good story. Words fascinate me and the idea of stringing them together to show others a glimpse of the world I see around me was very appealing.
  • : Yes! I was probably in the third grade and I wrote (and illustrated!) the life adventures of Daniel Boone. I wish I knew where that little booklet was now!
  • : My latest book, Hard Job, is a continuation of the series I started with Done Rubbed Out. It is set in the south and revolves around a most perplexing murder. In some ways, it's a traditional thriller, but in others it is more than just a mystery. As the story unfolds, it becomes clear it's really about the vivid, unconventional characters we find around us, making astonishing new friendships, and their power to change us. It captures what I feel are important social themes around equality and acceptance.
  • : I have written for the business world for some time and wrote some poetry when I was a very young. It's just been in the last year that I've started writing fiction in earnest.
  • : I don't have a hard and fast rule about when I write. Some days I start soon after I get up, and on others I write late at night and into the morning. The main thing is I try to write everyday.
  • : I am currently working on book three of the Reightman & Bailey series, Skin Puppet. I have a few other things underway as well and I keep adding ideas to the file. I try to stay focused on the project at hand, but sometimes it's difficult!
  • : I try to get it all down in a first draft as quickly as possible. I let it stew for a while and then work my way back through each and every page and rework the areas that need it. Since I'm working on a mystery series, I stop about every 50 of 60 pages and make sure I haven't dropped any clues, and that the trail is there. I don't want it to be obvious, but it has to be there. After I have been through the first draft a few times, I send it out to my great beta readers and then incorporate their feedback where appropriate. Then it's time for real editing.
  • : I read a lot of different genres and enjoy them all. I love authors who paint images and I tend to like complex novels. I also go through phases where maybe I want to read literary fiction, and then suddenly I'm in the mood for a good space opera. My specific favorites change and evolve as my life does. Old standbys include The Three Musketeers, Desiree, anything by Joseph Campbell, and Mary Renault.
  • : I have done many different things. I have been a theatrical designer, and accredited gemologist, an executive at very large high-tech firm focused on the financial services sector, and am currently a co-owner of an art gallery. All of those adventures have provided a lot of character fodder!
  • : I'm fortunate to have a terrific cover designer. When I started this journey, I felt it was important to find someone who I could work with on several books. I wasn't sure I could find someone who I clicked with, but fortune smiled and I found someone in the same city. I have ideas about what I want to cover to say (sometimes more than the designer wishes me to) and I provide an outline of what I'm thinking. We talk it over and look at images and thankfully, she reels me back in when I need it. After the initial concept is done, she goes to work and always brings me something much better than I could have every imagined.
  • : I do a bit of both. I make what I call a sketch of the book and capture the major threads in an outline. Then I write and give the characters themselves a lot of free rein. Sometimes they take me to places I would never have dreamed up and the end product is wonderful. Other times, I have to have a stern talk with them to get us back on track. Often I will let them go on for a while, even if I don't use everything I write. I learn more about them, and myself, when I let that happen.
  • : The best feeling in the world is when someone finds a message that means something personal to them in what I write.
  • : You can always find out what's going on through my website or on social media. I can be reached at and I'm on face book under the same name. I try to keep my current activities sync'd up, but if I'm in the middle of a book, I might miss a step.
  • : Read what you love, and if you come across a good story, tell your friends. Support those who write.
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Author Interview: Tyneise Seaborough

I am the “Hope Therapist” for the autism lovers!

There is a void in me that can only be filled when I work with children with Autism. I realized a few years ago that my entire purpose for being born was for this cause. Often times, when I say this, the blank stares that I get are priceless! I’m sooooooo glad to say that I have discovered living!

I have dibbled and dabbled into a variety of work settings: schools, private sensory integration clinics, pediatric outpatient, pediatric ICU, and ABA (Applied Behavior Analysis) clinics.I have practiced as a special education teacher in a full inclusion classroom, although that model was very ineffective, but I served as their advocate.

That was fun….haha…but very short lived. I moved on to my love and joy of becoming an occupational therapist, where I get to play with children for a living to facilitate independence and/or their optimal performance.

My best hobbies are shopping, good eating, and working with youth. In my spare time, I also serve as the Youth Pastor at my church.

I can’t help it! I love youth!!!

  • : I not sure that I have a good answer for this question. I found myself in a very low place in my life and I just began to write. So, I guess it served as a form of therapy for myself.
  • : Of course! The first story that I ever wrote was geared towards young Christians. Its purpose was to simply reveal strategies that will yield success and help them overcome obstacles that life may bring their way.
  • : Millions of individuals are affected with autism worldwide. The stats are alarming! 1/68 children are born with autism and there is no cure! Because of the countless amount of children that are being diagnosed with autism this inspired me to scribe. The shattered hearts of caregivers that are desperately searching for answers, inspire me to write, in order to provide hope thorough practical advice. When I reflect on the horror stories of caregivers that have endured inhumane comments by others in the community, this gets me boiling and ready to pen.
  • : I began writing in 2008 after not being able to practice in my field as a therapist because I had failed my boards exam. Can you imagine going from a pretty descent salary to being unemployed because everyone rated you as overqualified? What a rough time that was.
  • : I grew up in beautiful Savannah, GA. A place full of southern charm! I've been told that it's listed as one of the most beautiful cities to visit! I'm convinced that my experiences in life have influenced my writing more than the cities in which I lived.
  • : Ideas flood my mind as soon as I arise early in the morning. It’s these key ideas that lead me to writing my most amazing pieces/works yet. Because of this, I typically write in the morning before the baby arises.
  • : I'm working on another book in the Hope for Autism series for the faith based community.
  • : Ministering to teenagers at my church, shopping, speaking, and spending time with my 11-month-old daughter and husband.
  • : My writing process is a simple 3 step process. When I’m ready to write a book, I typically dump all the info in my head onto a sheet of paper first. Afterwards, I take the information and organize it into an outline, and then I write out my book.
  • : I love the bible, books on finances, publishing, and autism because I simply love to learn and these are the areas that I'm passionate about gaining more wisdom in.
  • : I practice as a pediatric occupational therapist and have traveled as a national speaker teaching autism continuing education seminars to service providers. Currently, I also travel to present at autism conferences and for speaking engagements.
  • : Kindle! Kindle! Kindle! I love my kindle!
  • : As stated previously, I tend to dump out all my ideas on paper first, organize it to create the outline, and then write out the book.
  • : Knowing that when a person reads this book it haas the ability to
  • :