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Author Interview: Tabith Barret

Tabitha Barret grew up in New Jersey writing short stories and tried her hand at writing a novel in high school. After many attempts, she gave up and stuck with her short stories. Many years later, she found a genre that appealed to her and decided to start a new book. Ever ambitious, she created the framework for a twelve book arcing series. Her paranormal/urban fantasy romance series, “The Third Throne” has been her main focus for the last three years. She plans to work on finishing the books while taking care of her two children, her supportive husband, and three insane dogs.

  • : I was an only child, so I had to entertain myself a lot. I enjoyed the writing prompts that my sixth grade teacher gave me, and discovered that I had a good imagination. I wrote a novel in high school and ripped it apart to improve it in college. After that, I wrote short stories for fun in college. I left writing behind for a long time until I decided to put my ever-growing story from my teen years into a series.
  • : I don't remember the first short story, but my first full length story that I wrote freshman year in high school. It was about a group of teens that were kidnapped by a woman who wanted to create a social experiment by observing the teens interacting with each other and then force them to change their social identities. The nerdy kid was given trendy clothes and the popular girl was turned into a goth. They were observed to see if they would change their personalities based on their clothes and surroundings. I finally gave up after numerous rewrites.
  • : My latest book is a continuation in the series, The Third Throne. The Angel of Death is on the verge of losing control and destroying a city. His Master must find him and stop him before it's too late. Alazar is the leader of the Predznak, or Harbingers, who will serve the Bringer of the Apocalypse. Too much time has past and he feels that he no longer wants or needs a Master, so he vows to kill her. Alazar was a lot of fun to write for since he's sassy and sarcastic. He can be moody and difficult and is akin to a child who knows that he is doing something wrong, but feels like he needs to rebel to prove a point. I feel like the first book of the series was the set up or the back story that introduced a new version of Hell. The second book is where the series really starts. All of Alazar's anger and resentment will kick off the series and lay the ground work for the difficulties that lay ahead for Anjali. She must convince all of the her angels to join with her and it certainly won't be an easy task.
  • : I tend to do most of my writing at night. Even though I have a full time job and I only write at night, I was always a night owl. Some of my best work is done after midnight when my takes over and unleashes whatever craziness trapped inside.
  • : I am working on the third book, The Third Throne: Angel of Vengeance. I have most of the first draft done. I just need time to work on it after Angel of Death is released.
  • : I watch movies and TV with my kids. My son is old enough to watch some of my favorite shows, so I have fun watching with him. We watch Buffy the Vampire Slayer and 80's movies so that he can understand some of the references that my husband and I make.
  • : Write what's in my head. Rip it apart and rewrite it until it makes sense. Move the paragraphs around the fix the flow. Rip it apart again until I'm happy. Get angry when my husband show me the errors. Cry. Make the corrections and read the story again until I can't see straight. Have a friend read it and give me the errors. Cry again. Read the story again until I know it verbatim.
  • : Paranormal romance novels. I love vampires, werewolves, and most things with teeth. The characters tend to be unrealistically handsome, and domineering. I would personally hate them in real life and argue with them constantly, but I love reading about them. I like the romantic aspect because they protect their lovers and put them first.
  • : I have been in Customer Service for more years than I would like to admit. I have sold forms, door hardware, printer ribbons, and chemicals for Union Carbide. I hate being yelled at by customers and I despite arrogant salesmen. There, I said it.
  • : My iPhone is the best way for me to read since I read in my car before work and at lunch. It's easier to hold.
  • : I usually have an idea in my head and search the internet for what I'm looking for. For the second book, I had two different covers merged into one to create the image that I wanted.
  • : Since I'm working on a series,I have a general plot laid out for each book. I usually write different ideas or entire sections for different books as they come to me. Most of my major characters are already in place, so by the time I start working on that book, I have a mishmash of ideas. Once I filter through and find the ideas that will stay, I organize it and let the new ideas flow. I usually have the middle of the book, but need the opening and the ending. I will go to bed and let my mind focus on one aspect that I'm having trouble with. I can usually work through the problem, unfortunately, I usually loose my ideas when I fall asleep.
  • : I find the greatest joy in bringing my characters to life. My main character has resided in my head for decades. Seeing her interact with other characters or fight battles that I imagined years ago makes me smile. For years, I never told anyone about the adventures or characters living in my brain. I finally have the opportunity to share them with other people. When I talk about the series, I can tell that people are surprised that I can speak so freely about them, like I know them. I have an answer for just about every question about them, but I know them so well.
  • : My website is where I post my information about my books, though it doesn't have details on all the books yet since they are still being worked on. Eventually, all twelve will be posted.
  • : The best part about being an author is hearing how people found out about your books. My coworker was reading my first book at the beach and her cousin started asking questions about it. He grabbed it started reading it. By the end of the day, he had purchased the book and took it home. She texted me asking to buy another book. I couldn't stop laughing. She told me that he can't wait for the second book. The best part is that he doesn't normally read books, but fell in love my book. It made me happy to know that I could entertain a non-reader and expose him to a world that I love. I hope I can do that same for other non-readers. The Third Throne: The Angel of Darkness is just the beginning. The new world that I have created will only grow and become more dangerous. Once Anjali is allowed to leave Hell and search for her angels, the fun will begin. I hope that my readers enjoy these characters and books as much as I do.
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Author Interview: Claire Nana

Author of the popular blog Leveraging Adversity on Psych Central, Claire Nana, LMFT, is a licensed marriage and family therapist with over twelve years of experience specializing in trauma, addictions, and posttraumatic growth. After surviving her own horrific ordeal—the murder of her father, incarceration of her mother, and later being accused of murdering her own father by her mother’s attorney—she chose to make the best of the life she had left. Since then, Nana has run thirty-nine marathons, three fifty-mile races, and nine one-hundred-mile races to honor her father. She has also written over fifteen continuing education courses for the Zur Institute and International Sports Science Association on the topics of therapy and running. And with the insight of positive psychology, she has helped numerous individuals and families realize that growth can result from trauma.

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    Author Interview: David K Scholes

    I have written over 140 speculative fiction short stories many of which appear in my six published collections of speculative fiction short stories. I have also published two science fiction novellas (all on Amazon).

    I have been a regular contributor to the Antipodean SF and Beam Me Up Pod cast sci-fi sites and more recently Farther Stars Than These site. I have also been published on 365 Tomorrows, Bewildering Stories and the former Golden Visions magazine.

    I am about to publish another book “Human Hunter and Other Science Fiction Stories.”

    • : I have always loved science fiction and science fantasy and as a kid read every comic I could ever get hold of. It's been great to actually write something myself and actually return something to the genre. Especially after I retired from my work as an economic consultant.
    • : It was "The Visit" published in an early edition of the Antipodean SF sci-fi site. It was recently republished in their #200 Anniversary issue.
    • : I'm just about to publish a collection of science fiction and science fantasy short stories entitled "Human Hunter and Other Science Fiction Stories." The lead story "Human Hunter" is based on a story arc of mine pod cast in 2014/15 on Paul Cole's Beam Me Up Pod Cast site. In it an earth organisation desperate to obtain an alien artefact illegally employs Xelk human hunters on Earth. With disastrous consequences.
    • : I started writing science fiction, science fantasy, and some alternate history about 7 years ago.
    • : I grew up in Southampton, England but my family migrated to Australia when I was 14. There is a residual loyalty to the UK which comes out in my writing but also an Australian flavour is evident in my writing.
    • : No particular time. Just when the juices are flowing.
    • : I plan a near future dystopian science fiction novella. Short, action packed and fast moving. With at least some of the action taking place in Australia.
    • : Well I'm retired now so I spend a lot of time with my wife and two grand children. I enjoy gardening, long walks and movies, Usually I end up seeing most science fiction movies soon after they come out. I am very interested in current affairs and these days have time to keep up to date in this area.
    • : Ahh! - Now that would be telling. I can say I do get a lot of ideas when on my long walks and always jot them down. I like writing a lot of short stories and many of these do get published on various sci-fi sites. Then I draw them together into a collection.
    • : Science Fiction books by past masters such as Isaac Asimov, Arthur C Clarke, Robert Heinlein and A E Van Vogt.
    • : I am retired now but was formerly an economic, financial, and actuarial consultant to various Australian Government Departments.
    • : The Kindle but I don't do so much reading these days, preferring to write.
    • : I spend hours on image libraries such as Fotolia, Getty, 123RF and others looking for the main image I want. I'll then consult with cover design consultants for Lulu and/or Amazon CreateSpace and get their help in designing the cover.
    • : An outline but not that detailed. Just very broad. I like to be flexible. To let things flow. I do seem to be able to come back and tie things in together.
    • : I think when compliments come from the most unexpected source. With a story I published on Fiction Press some years ago - a young boy from Ireland wrote saying how much he liked the story and finished with "Me Maam said to say thanks." It was worth more than any 5 star review.
    • : On my Amazon Author Page: Also my face book page:
    • : I'm going to be writing science fiction and science fantasy for a long time yet. Maybe keep an eye out for my stuff.
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    Author Interview: Cheri Vause

    After twenty years of teaching theology, Cheri decided writing mysteries was a natural progression for her. She lives with her husband and two dogs, Scully and Mulder, on a small ranch in Texas.

    • : I've always been a writer, but I usually wrote things like news articles, theological pieces, and some poetry. Writing was in my blood because of my love for telling a great story. Stories are important to a culture. They teach us the subtleties of character, empathy, and our shared history. The most important thing we can learn from stories, is that we aren't alone in our trials and tribulations, and we do matter.
    • : It was an unusual paragraph in the Talmud that motivated me to write my first story. The Garden of Souls was born from that short paragraph, and I learned that I could tell a story that not only taught the reader something exciting, but it had an idea behind it, and it was fun to read.
    • : The Touch of a Shadow is the second book in my Shadow series about two private investigators living during the sixties. Much of what I have them investigate and experience is similar to some of the things which happened during the sixties, only I twist it, and make it out-sized. I prefer psychological terror and that's why my titles have the word Shadow in them. Too often people see the shadow, but are unable to see what's causing it, because it's back lit. I like that because it means reality isn't always what we believe it to be.
    • : I began writing when I was a young girl, but the first thing I wrote of any consequence was in college when we read our poetry to the public. Poetry was my entry into the writing world, and I still love it. There are times when only a poem can break me free from writer's block.
    • : I grew up in Southern California, and was a true LA kid. It wasn't until I moved to Texas then to Europe that I discovered there was something other than going to the beach and listening to Rock n' Roll as a way of life. Although, I did love the theater and classical music. I found Dostoevsky's books and that changed my life. When I became a Christian I found meaning. Now, I look for that extra dimension to everything, and I put that in my stories.
    • : I write from about six am to about three to five pm every day, except Sunday. Sometimes I take Saturday off.
    • : I'm writing a Gothic thriller about a man who wakes up one morning and discovers he can see into the spiritual world. It drives him to the other side of England, to the haunted shores of Cornwall where he must battle against ghostly forces to finally learn who he is.
    • : I like photography and reading. My next favorite past-time is watching great old movies. I find many of my ideas are fed by all my past-time activities.
    • : I have an idea and let it percolate, and find a hero who can be a part of it. Usually, I know how it begins and ends. I see it in my head. I love to make women the villain, very noirish, although I had men as my villains in my last novel. The third one in my series I have three villains and two are women. I find women killers are more frightening because they get right down to the business of killing. I try to visualize each character and how their personality will affect the story. I allow them to grow as I write. Sometimes I have to dream a resolution to a problem within my story, and I get right down to writing it from Chapter One til' the end.
    • : The Brothers Karamazov is my favorite, and next to that is Rebecca. They both hold very interesting ideas behind them. In Dostoevsky's book you find faith, familial disputes, and an unwillingness to face your culpability in the problems surrounding your life. These are all out-sized characters. However, Daphne du Maurier writes about a woman who is so effaced, you never find out her name, because she's overwhelmed by the dead former wife of her husband. I love that contrast between the two books.
    • : I've done many kinds of jobs from being the company manager of a deaf theatrical group to planning weddings to making lighting fixtures. My favorite job was and is teaching theology and writing. I hate planning weddings. It's the unashamed bitchiness that drove me from that job.
    • : I own a Kindle, but I hate it. I prefer holding a book in my hand. I realize some people love their e-readers but I have enough trouble sleeping. I don't need to court a device that will interfere in something I love, that also helps me solve problems in my stories. Sorry.
    • : My publisher tells that department what the book is about and they present me with several designs, then I tell them which one I think best represents what I wrote about. This designer is so intune with my work that he only did one cover for The Touch of a Shadow. It is absolutely perfect.
    • : I tried cards, posters, an outline, and I found that some notes on the time period or history of something has proved better for my process. I write and discover as I go along, and that has helped me more than being detailed. I like to discover what my characters are going to do as I write. They guide me, but sometimes I have to reel them in if I find they do something that is completely out of character, or I'm forced to reveal a deep reason why they behaved that way.
    • : Sharing a story that has a deeper meaning than just a superficial story is my joy. I love to make people think, to examine their thought processes. That's what writing is all about for me.
    • : I have a blog on WordPress: and an author page on Amazon: In my blog I explore writing from all angles. My favorite is Wednesdays With Writers. It's just a quote and picture of an author.
    • : The third book in my series will be out later this year and is a cliff-hanger. Don't despair, the fourth will be out next year, and I hope to write maybe another Gothic, a science fiction (not fantasy, but real science), and two adult fairy tales.
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    Author Interview: Luana Ehrlich

    I am a minister’s wife and former missionary with a passion for spy thrillers. I began writing the Titus Ray Thrillers when my husband became an emeritus pastor. I write from an undisclosed location, trying to avoid the torture of mundane housework, grocery shopping and golf stories. I do occasionally come out of hiding to spend time with my two grandsons or to enjoy a Starbucks caramel macchiato.

    • : As far back as I can remember, I've enjoyed reading the mystery/suspense/thriller fiction genre. When I was only eleven years old, I asked permission from my father to read some of the adult books he was bringing home from the library each week. After reading a couple of them, I was hooked on spy fiction for life! However, I didn't write my own novel in this genre until after I'd been a freelance writer for several years.
    • : Two Days in Caracas is Book 2 in the Titus Ray Thriller Series. In Book 1, Titus Ray has recently become a follower of Christ, and, while trying to figure out how to apply Christian principles while living a life of deceit and subterfuge, he learns he's been targeted by an assassin from a previous mission. In Book 2, he continues the hunt for the assassin, Ahmed Al-Amin.
    • : Book 3 in the Titus Ray Thriller Series is Three Weeks in Washington, and I'm working on the plot lines of that novel right now. It will be a continuation of the story of the discoveries Titus made while in Caracas, Venezuela from Book 2, and it will also continue to explore the relationship between Titus and the detective from Norman, Oklahoma.
    • : During the spring and summer months, I love to work in my flower garden and spend time with my two grandsons, and, in the fall, I watch a lot of football. At any time, I enjoy playing a word game on my iPad called Words with Friends. Perhaps, not surprisingly, I incorporated the game as a device in One Night in Tehran. I'm also involved in many activities in my local church.
    • : My writing style has been greatly influenced by the writing styles of Adam Hall, Daniel Silva, Nelson DeMille, Joel Rosenberg, Vince Flynn, Michael Connelly, Lee Child, and John Sandford. However, my life has been influenced the most by the Bible. I read it through every year, and I've done this for the past forty years.
    • : The greatest joy is finding out one of my books caused a reader to start giving serious consideration to reading the Bible or praying or simply examining his or her own faith.
    • : You can find me online in these locations: Personal Website: Titus Ray Website: Facebook: Amazon: Goodreads: YouTube: Blog: Twitter: Google Plus: Pinterest: LinkedIn: