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Author Interview: Carla D E Godfrey

Carla has been writing since she was eight – she writes contemporary fiction and loves to read both contemporary and period drama. Her hobbies are writing, reading, taking short breaks away and walking.

  • : I think Jane Austen - I loved reading her novels and when they were dramatized on the telly and I was able to absorb the characters - that motivated me to have a go myself.
  • : Oh yes! It featured my parents and we went on a trip to the moon!
  • : It's a gay novel and it essentially tells the story of a battle between head and heart; it's about being what you want to be and not what others want you to be and the consequences of your actions if you make the wrong decisions.
  • : When I was eight.
  • : I grew up in Norfolk and, I'll be brutally honest - it didn't, the influence comes from the books I've read.
  • : I like to try and do as much as possible so, when I've started a novel I'll work from late morning through till late afternoon/ early evening.
  • : I've just finished my latest novel, Trying To Connect You which is available to pre-order and will be coming out in August - it features around a wedding and it couldn't have come at a worse time for the two main characters... you'll have to read it to find out why though!
  • : I spend a lot of time on the internet just casually browsing and trying to promote my books!
  • : I have a little notebook that I use to jot down the plot which really helps and I just work from that.
  • : Penny Vincenzi was one of my favourites - I loved how complex and intricate her plots were with so many characters. Jasper Barry's The Second Footman series has also become another favourite; a gay, love story in the nineteenth century I just warmed to the characters immediately.
  • : It's not a job but I do casual market research for some income. I've also done agency work in the past.
  • : My tablet.
  • : I use Canva.
  • : I jot down the plot first of all and then the characters follow afterwards - I then work on how they interact with each other.
  • : Just getting my ideas down on paper and being able to publish - it's great when you see your book available to buy.
  • : You can visit my website: I also have blog that I keep updated:
  • : If looking out for my books and buying them then, thank you. Writing a book requires quite a bit of work and it's always satisfying to know people are interested.
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