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One hundred and nineteen women joined the Corps of Cadets at West Point on July 7, 1976. By the time that Class of 1980 graduated, only sixty-two women received diplomas. The Gray Girl Series is set at West Point from 1981-1985 with the second wave of women cadets. I was one of about two hundred who entered that year and only about half of us made it to graduation. Those were difficult, defining and, in some ways, demoralizing years. We survived–with the scars to prove it. I’ve always wanted to write about those experiences when we were cadets. I’ve fictionalized these stories so that I could include incidents of other women and create more compelling plot lines. Yet, much of what I have written about happened in some form or another. I wanted to preserve the history of those years, while still making an interesting storyline. I hope you will read the Gray Girl series and see what it was like for the women who blazed the trail at the United States Military Academy.

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