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Monte Kline’s Pacific Health Center practice goes back to the late 1980’s, featuring natural health screening through remote “Virtual” appointments with clients around the world. Using a “Hand Cradle” device plugged into a client’s PC computer he is able to scan for food & environmental sensitivities, nutrient deficiencies, toxins, energetically stressed organs, compatible supplements and remedies and more. Clients follow their testing on their computer screen while having an audio or video call.

Pacific Health Center’s program has helped clients with fatigue, depression, allergies, sinus, headache, PMS, menopausal, skin, digestive and other common, chronic health problems. They offer a unique “Results Guarantee” as well — If you don’t experience any improvements in 30-60 days, you can get a refund of any testing fees paid.

Monte’s health-related books reflect Pacific Health Center’s body, mind and spirit approach to natural healing, challenging the ineffectiveness and frequent danger of many conventional medicine approaches.

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