Mirador_La Danta-Len mugshotHello! I’m Leonide (Lennie) Martin and I’m a reincarnated Maya. At least I believe that’s the case, since my life has been devoted to doing research and writing about ancient Mayan civilization over the past 15 years. In a previous layer of this lifetime, my career was in health and I was a university professor. After retiring and getting bitten by the Maya bug, I’ve traveled extensively in Maya regions (southern Mexico, Belize, Guatemala) and lived for 5 years in Merida, Yucatan, Mexico. While in Mexico I apprenticed with Mayan elders and was initiated into their solar spirituality. My historical fiction, which is well-researched and portrays ancient Mayas (both real and fictional) as accurately as possible, also includes the shamanic and mystical aspects of their culture. This series about the Mayan queens of Palenque is set at the height of Classic civilization, and brings to life the stories of four powerful women, all actual historic figures, who are virtually unknown. I hope my books make them accessible and spread admiration for their accomplishments.

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