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My name is Leonardo “The Companionator” Bustos, and I am in love with love.  I’m a student, writer, researcher and participator in it.  I’ve read or listened to nearly every top author and researcher on the subject.

Leonardo has written 4 books, created dozens of instructional videos, a dating software program and a course on internet dating. He has been featured in several national publications, radio and TV broadcasts, and hosted a nationally syndicated radio program called “Something You Should Know.”

I’ve always been fascinated with it, not only in the spiritual sense, but in the biology that occurs in our brain and our bodies when we experience it.   Simply put, I love the feeling of being in love, and I love to help others get it to, because I feel it is life’s ultimate experience.

How do I know this?  When I had a near death experience, my life flashed before me, and I can personally confirm that it’s true when they say your life flashes before you prior to dying.  I was about as close as you can get. It’s as if I watched a highlight film of my life so I could return to give you the answers to your final test:

What will be the purpose and meaning of your life?

If you want to know the answer, you can either write me at [email protected], or read my book How to Attract Women where I wrote about my experience.

You can find more about me and my work at

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