Glynis Stevens is a catalyst for change. As a coach she helps people navigate change and in the process unlock the power of the diamond within. She inspires her clients to find the freedom to be and do whatever they choose and have fun along the way.

She draws on her experiences from her early years in a small village in Scotland, a professional career in London’s financial world, a move to Hong Kong as a newlywed where she brought up two children, and thereafter from her extensive world travel, sharing the lessons learned from her journeys on how to shine like a diamond and bring joy to others.

She enjoys working with people who are committed to personal development, with those who want to learn about the spirit that lies within.

She also loves to support those who want to find themselves. People who may feel that somewhere along the way they lost their sense of self, or were talked out of being who they are and are now waking up to this and want to do something about it.

She loves things that sparkle!

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