Having had a life long interest in paranormal phenomena, esoteric lore, the supernatural, occult and ancient mysteries (and basically anything that could be squeezed into those categories) it should come as no surprise to anyone who knows me that these same elements would become the fodder for my novels and short stories. I grew up devouring Poe, Lovecraft and Roald Dahl and those writers definitely had a huge influence on me. I wonder if they realize what they’ve done? Maybe I should dig out my old 1890s-era Ouija board and let them know. Nah. Probably not a good idea.

I’m a book cover designer ( as well as an author with a degree in Social Psychology. My professional writing career began as a contributing writer for Fate Magazine in the 1990s. One of my feature articles about the mystery of the alleged secret military group known as Majestic-12 resulted in requests to appear on radio programs across the U.S. and Canada. My most recent novel, a supernatural crime chiller entitled Ash: Return Of The Beast (Kindle & paperback) is receiving excellent reviews and has been compared to the likes of Straub, Koontz, Stephen King, Dan Brown and Dennis Lehane.

The first four novellas and novelettes in my series of  “Twisted Tales From The Files Of The Second Chance Limousine Service” are available individually on Kindle (99¢) or in a single volume entitled “Wanna Take a Ride?” also on Kindle ($2.99). The titles of those stories are “A Bite Out Of Time“, “1st Avenue Annie“, “Atonement” and “The Good Librarian“. They can also be purchased separately for 99¢ each on Kindle. A fifth in the series (“The Prank“) was released in June, 2014 on Kindle (99¢) and a 6th is in the works.

I live with my big black cat, Bear, in a cozy condo in the Pacific Northwest where, when I’m not writing, or designing book covers for other authors, I may very well be watching America’s Got Talent or The Voice or reruns of Seinfeld or I might just be relaxing out on the patio, grooving to the mellow sax-jazz stylings of Stanley Turrentine. Then again, you never know. I could be listening to Dwight Yoakum singing about “Guitars and Cadillacs and Loud, Loud Music”. Either way, it’s all good.

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