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Hi! My name’s Doug Bentley.  I have been living in Vancouver, Canada since 1997.  Before that, I lived in Hong Kong for 11 years.  Before that …. too long ago to remember … or care ….

Some of my favorite quotes are:

– If a dog is a man’s best friend, that dog has a problem. – Unknown

– Ask not what I can do for you. Ask what you can do for me. – Jerry Seinfeld

– History is made, not matched. – Marshall McLuhan [1911 – 1980]

– The higher we soar the smaller we appear to those who cannot fly. ― Friedrich Nietzsche [1844 – 1900]

– I’d rather be rich than poor, if only for financial reasons. –  Woody Allen

– Society has no need that the individual should serve it. It can impose its own sociology. – Herbert Marcuse [1898 – 1979]

– The greatest discovery of the 21st Century will be the discovery that Man was not meant to live at the speed of light. – Marshall McLuhan [1911 – 1980]

These are my books that you can find on this site:

book cover for philosophical fragments of your ancient name by doug bentley/         book cover for a canadian's poems by doug bentley/         book cover of go by doug bentley/         book cover of grain by doug bentley/


For more information on my books – and on me – please visit my personal website at

Thanks for reading this, and

Have A Great Life!

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