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My name is Clabe Polk. I’m originally from Florida where I grew up  hunting,  fishing and sailing the Florida woods, inland and coastal waters.  As a natural  scientist with a degree in Marine Biology, I spent more than thirty years  protecting the Florida environment in every aspect up to and including civil  and criminal law enforcement. A lifelong reader, whose work included  writing thousands of pages of reports and legal documents, I finally indulged  my dream of writing fiction.

Beginning with short stories (The Mark of the Beast Series) which will become a full book soon, I eventually created the North Georgia town of Poplar Bluffs as the setting for the Detective Mike Eiser stories. Poplar Bluffs is a community of good people, friends and neighbors, who face serious crime issues from time to time. When they do, Friends gather round and Detective Mike Eiser is there to lead the fight. So far, the Detective Mike Eiser Series includes Backslide, Hot Summer Nights, Schism, and Angelica. The next book in the series, Fire on the Mountain is in progress.

Other books include The Adventures of Harry Morgan Series including Collegial Conspiracy and The Pirates of Cayo Pelau, and short stories such as Short Fuse and Devolution.


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