A.M Rees

 Author Freelance Writer  & Poet

A.M Rees is an author, poet and inspirational alchemist – always searching for the next best daydream & discovering the art of escapism.

She says things she probably shouldn’t, does things most wouldn’t and encourages you, dear reader, to do the same…

Brought up in rural Wales, A.M Rees spent her childhood years with pony-fuelled passion – galloping around the countryside trying to tame her Arabian pony. She succeeded (eventually) and together, they won the regional dressage champions.

She wrote a poem about it – and has been writing ever since.

Her inspirational musings have been repeatedly published, from motivational life coaching and thought provoking travel documents to covering world-class surfing competitions around the globe – enabling her to succumb to her barefooted wanderlust armed with a notepad and surfboard, whilst exploring the world’s oceans and emotions. And it’s A.M Rees’ ability to share these emotions with delicate empathy and brutal honesty, which enables the pages of her books to come alive.

Having travelled the world working with Olympic showjumpers, Melbourne Cup Festival runners and Derby winners, A.M Rees gave up riding horses to ride the waves and now resides in the sundrenched Northern Beaches of Sydney.

She always has a pen in her hand, magic in her heart, and a story on her mind

Find out more at www.amreespoet.com

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