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Welcome to the New Best Indie Books!

Getting Started:

Step 1: Log In and go to your Author Dashboard.

Step 2: Click on Store Settings.

  • Author Name: This is important, of course. Used to show the author of your books. (This will also be the page where your store is located.)
  • Bio: This is shown on your book pages. We suggest adding your bio and any links you would like, as well as an image of yourself if you wish.
  • Shop Description: This will display at the top of your store. You can leave it blank or write some text, or even upload a promotional image to act as a header. Or a combination of image and text. It’s up to you. (You do NOT have to put your books here. They will show up automatically. Add books from you author dashboard.
  • Save It!

(Note: You must fill out the Author Name and Bio fields and have one book active (published) before your name will show in the author list.)

Start Adding Your Books!

Anytime you want to add a book, simply go to your Author Dashboard and click the Add New Book button.

Other sections you can add information:

  • Interview – Add an Author Interview!
  • Work in Progress (WIP) – Have a work in progress? Show everyone and generate interest before it’s published!
  • Tweet – Now you can tweet to our twitter followers! Anounce your book or other book related subjects. Complete with optional image.
  • Giveaways – Giveaways are about getting your book into the hands of readers. This is the equivalent of Kindle Freebies, where you upload the book you want to give away and let people download it for free. This is a great way to generate interest in your other books, particularly in the same genre or series. There is no schedule feature at this time, but you can remove it whenever you wish.You Have Two Options for Giveaways:
    1. Upload a PDF, MOBI or EPUB to offer free. Choose one, two, or all three formats. (Readers will be able to download it from this site.)
    2. Use the Link Button to paste a link in the description. (Amazon Freebie etc.)

Editing a Book

Need to make changes to your book? No problem, just go to the Author Dashboard and look for the edit link to the right of your book. Make your changes and click the Update button. Done!


2 thoughts on “Author Help

  1. How can I edit my author interview?

    1. Sorry Susan, didn’t see this. Go to your Author Dashboard and look for the edit link to the right of your interview. (There is a list of your posts etc. on that page.)

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