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Giveaway: Adversity. How To Overcome Your Challenge And Win!

Often times when you are in the middle of adversity it is hard to get a clear picture of where you are and what you should do next – like being in a small boat on the ocean in the middle of a big storm. All you can see are big waves swamping you, dark clouds, high winds and driving rain. All you can do is hope to survive, but if you were able to fly straight up above the storm you might see clear skies in a certain direction.

I have spent a large part of my life working with community service oriented organizations, and this has brought me into constant contact with people who are in the midst of adversity. This has also brought me into contact with many inspirational characters whose lives have been dedicated to serving and empowering those in need.  It is from meeting those in need and those who are helping that I have learned about the nature of adversity and how people overcome it.

This is what the purpose of this book is – to help you see your adversity from a higher point of view so you can get an idea of what direction you should head in. So whatever the nature of your challenge is, please read on …

Recent Amazon reviews: ‘Another great book by Charles Courtney. Whether you have some major challenges or obstacles or simply want to learn some ways to de-stress, this book is a great read and provides some wonderful insights.’ ‘An excellent book. Courtney combines what I like about textbooks (solid organization, easy activities at the end of each chapter to help cement knowledge, etc.) with an easy readability that I prefer about non-textbooks. I’ve read quite a bit about overcoming obstacles, and I like this one. There’s a lot of good information in the book, and it’s easily accessed. It’s also a well edited book, with clean language throughout.’

This book is available right now for free on Amazon at

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