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Giveaway: Addiction. How To Beat It And Win!

Back in the 1930s scientists began researching addiction and defined it as a defect of character. Fast forward to today and addiction is viewed now as a chronic disease of the brain reward and motivation system.

The next question to ask is: how does this disease state come about in an individual? The answer to this question is what this book is all about, for it seems that we humans are creatures with highly addictive natures and impulses. If we can uncover the primary causes then we can begin to address the potential ways for you to beat your addiction.


There are some very exciting discoveries in recent years that give us new insight into the human brain and body chemistry – factors that play key roles in addictive behavior. Having this knowledge about ourselves is a key to understanding why we are prone to addiction, and having the understanding is the first step to beating addiction.

Recent Amazon reviews: ‘This book will help you! As a long time person in recovery I very much appreciated this book. It is written intelligently and insightfully, siting many modern sources. If you are trying to get and stay sober, this will help you.’

‘Very instructional basic information and easy to understand. Can be used in a variety of settings. Not just for persons with addiction, useful for family and loved ones for a better understanding of addition. Reading time is quick and enjoyable. I highly recommend as a primer and for inspiration for recovery. Thank You Mr. Courtney this will be very helpful in my clinical work and I will recommend it to clients.’

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