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Author Interview: Abby Rosmarin

As seen on the Huffington Post, HelloGiggles, Elite Daily, and outside bookstores with a frazzled look on her face. Writer, yoga instructor, commercial model, author of Chick Lit (And Other Formulas for Life) as well as I’m Just Here for the Free Scrutiny.

  • : Foolhardy stubbornness? I've been wanting to be a novelist since I was a kid (I told everyone I would be the female version of Stephen King...even though I don't write horror novels), and I've been keeping at it, through rejection and writer's block and self-doubt.
  • : While I'm sure it's not the first story I ever wrote, I have a distinct memory from the first grade, when I was assigned to make an arts & crafts project based on a book. I didn't want to do the project on any book I had read, so I created my own. I think my teacher appreciated the creativity, because I didn't get in trouble for not following directions.
  • : Chick Lit (And Other Formulas for Life) is about figuring out one's purpose in life. It's about the crossroads we all eventually and inevitably come to in our personal, professional, and romantic lives. And it's about the choice between something safe & predictable and taking a risk.
  • : I started writing before I could even write and spell out words. I would make "novels" that were comprised of scribbles in lieu of words. I would listen to storytellers on cassette and then create my own (usually to the audience of my backyard or the forest).
  • : I write whenever. There is truly no rhyme or reason. I'll write first thing in the morning, last thing at night, in the middle of the night, in the middle of the day -- at grocery stores and at red lights and at work.
  • : Right now I'm polishing up another manuscript -- In The Event the Flower Girl Explodes -- and I'm hoping to start up the agency search sometime in 2016.
  • : As stationary as writing can be, the rest of my life is the opposite of stationary: I do yoga, kickboxing, running, hiking, and way too many arts & crafts for a so-called "adult".
  • : Chaos and anarchy. Moments of pure lucidity and moments where I'm slogging through every passage. Structured, formatted plans and complete free-for-alls. Really: whatever works.
  • : I'm currently a yoga instructor and a commercial model. Before that, I was a preschool teacher, an editorial assistant, and a residential proctor (aka kinda-sorta-dormitory-security-guard).
  • : With a lot of fear and respect! I let the professionals deal with that. While I will research designs and provide input, I stay far, far away from Photoshop.
  • : My first book had a detailed outline. My second manuscript was a complete free-for-all. My third was somewhat a mix of the two. So...yes. The answer is, "Yes."
  • : Having my work resonate with others is the biggest joy. Better than any royalty check, any bit of praise, any smattering of attention, the most joy I get is when someone gets in contact with me and goes, "I can relate to this." or, "I don't feel so alone in my own experiences now."
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