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Author Interview: A. J. Gallant

The author has two cats that force him to get up at five every morning, seven days a week to write.

  • : I read Harlan Ellison when I was about eighteen and I thought I want to write.
  • : No, but I remember my first book. Madman in the Mirror.
  • : The idea originated from the title I Was Murdered Last Night. The story is about Anita who gets murdered in New York but discovers that it is in fact not the end of the road. But she somewhere in the middle, not in heaven, and she's not sure what to do. She discovers that she's someone connected to detective Olivia Brown. Is she supposed to help her solve her own murder? It's not that simple.
  • : I started writing when I was about eighteen and have loved it ever since.
  • : I have a panic disorder and was not exactly a normal child because of my shyness. Spent many hours alone in my own little world.
  • : My cats get me up and five in the morning and I don't complain. More ideas flow after a night's sleep.
  • : I am already working on it, Breaden the Barbarian, book #2. King of the Castle. I sometimes work on three books simultaneously though one gets most of the work.
  • : Watching Game of thrones or playing games on my $65 tablet.
  • : I just get an idea for a book and go for it. I don't plan my chapters and try to write what I would like to read. I love when I can make myself laugh, like with the neurotic dragon that has no fire in King of the Castle.
  • : I was a machine operator for years until I started passing out at work.
  • : A Kindle.
  • : I can't afford to pay much so I try my best to be creative.
  • : I just let it flow from the title. With my first novel I had a serial killer that was abused by his father and I went from there.
  • : Creating new worlds and having characters surprise me!
  • : On my author site. Where you can also see pictures of my cats and sign up for updates.
  • : Yes, please buy a book my cats need food. Ha, ha.
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