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There are four sizes of banner ads available on our network. Below you can find the various sizes and placement of these ad spaces. All ads are randomly displayed with each page view. Banner ads will display on these sites: Snickslist.com, BestIndieBooks.com, YourBookAuthors.com, BestIndieBookStore.com. When you place a banner ad, it will display on all applicable sites. See the placements below.

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Here you can see where the ads will be displayed on our network. Stats as of 2/26/2013


Daily Visits: 7,496
Daily Pageviews: 34,482

Monthly Visits: 224,883
Monthly Pageviews: 1,034,464

Yearly Visits: 2,698,601
Yearly Pageviews: 12,413,564


Banner sizes available: 768×90, 468×60, 300×250, and Book Cover.



Daily Visits: 927
Daily Pageviews: 4,265

Monthly Visits: 27,813
Monthly Pageviews: 127,940

Yearly Visits: 333,756
Yearly Pageviews: 1,535,276

Banner sizes available: 768×90, 468×60, 300×250, and Book Cover.



Daily Visits: 672
Daily Pageviews: 3,090

Monthly Visits: 20,155
Monthly Pageviews: 92,711

Yearly Visits: 241,856
Yearly Pageviews: 1,112,536

Banner sizes available: 768×90, 300×250, and Book Cover.



Daily Visits: 1,173
Daily Pageviews: 5,395

Monthly Visits: 35,183
Monthly Pageviews: 161,843

Estimated Yearly Visits: 422,200
Estimated Yearly Pageviews: 1,942,119

Banner Sizes Available: Book Cover